March 29, 2006

Buddyhead points out that the video to Depeche Mode’s “Suffer Well” from their latest, Playing the Angel is slightly insane. Agreed.

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IFC’s blog has a nice round-up of some recent concert documentaries, including the Beastie Boys’ Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That! and the upcoming Glastonbury. In addition, they’ve imagined some possible future subjects for the camera’s eye.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Star: Oasis in Los Angeles”
A thirteen-hour documentary on Oasis’ legendarily testy Los Angeles show on their first US tour (leading to the band’s temporary break-up). Subject piles into a Honda Civic with three other concert-goers and takes a five-hour ride to LA. Arriving at the club, subject is denied entrance despite presenting as evidence of her having reached legal drinking age an expired passport belonging to her friend’s boyfriend’s Korean cousin. Subject waits outside the venue until the concert is over, at which point the four embark on the drive back home.

Highlight: At a rest stop Denny’s, one concert-goer places french fries in his nostrils and proceeds to do a passable walrus imitation.

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Cinematical points us towards a plot leak of Spiderman 3 that seems reasonable.

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All the news that’s fit to print…

Pitchfork Media
-Neko Case Kicks Off Tour Tonight [LINK]
-Grizzly Bear to Release Demos, Tour [LINK]
-José González plays “Conan”; re-releases LP [LINK]
-Placebo bring Meds to the States [LINK]

-Gnarls Barkley set to make UK chart history [LINK]
-DJ Shadow previews new album [LINK]
-Wolfmother declare The Darkness ‘hams’ [LINK]
-Annie ropes in famous pals on new album [LINK]

-Kurt Cobain Becomes Action Figure [LINK]
-Morrissey Boycotts Canada [LINK]
-Os Mutantes Reunite [LINK]
-Lidell’s ‘Multiply’ Gets Additions [LINK]

Tiny Mixtapes
-Lightning Bolt Tour [LINK]
-Warner Music Group “Acquires” Ryko Corporation for $67.5 Million [LINK]
-Regina Spektor! Album! Tour! [LINK]
-Classical Downloads [LINK]

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March 28, 2006

One of my personal favorite bands, Kepler, has broken up. They’re selling their catalogue: three albums and an EP for $10 canadian, if you’re interested in a bit of drunken desperation.

Todd Burns | 4:25 pm | Comments (0)

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands began the week on a somber note, with a heartbreaking video of Elliott Smith singing “Say Yes” at his very last concert.

I was unable to find an exact date for the video on YouTube, so we’ll have to take his word for it; however, either way the performance was within a month of his death (evidenced by the “I Heart Metal” shirt).

Nick Ferrall | 2:30 pm | Comments (1)

Chicago Sun-Times critic Jim Derogatis writes about canons.

“Rock music has one appeal, a barbaric appeal, to sexual desire not love, but sexual desire undeveloped and untutored,” Bloom wrote. “It acknowledges the first emanations of children’s emerging sensuality and addresses them seriously, eliciting them and legitimizing them.”

Bloom meant that as a slam, but I take it as a compliment: At its best, rock is focused on living in the moment, celebrating the wonders of discovering the world around you, just like a child. By definition, it would seem to be opposed to the very notion of establishing a canon. Yet the rock press is obsessed with doing exactly that.

Todd Burns | 1:30 pm | Comments (0)

Both Funtime OK and Just for a Day have tributes to the recently departed Nikki Sudden.

Todd Burns | 11:30 am | Comments (0)

Aquarium Drunkard has been running a rather amazing Lost Album Series the past few weeks. Today, he has sessions from a Black Crowes album that could’ve been.

Todd Burns | 10:30 am | Comments (1)

Reuters reports that Bob Saget’s upcoming film Farce of the Penguins has found its Morgan Freeman voice: Samuel L. Jackson.

ThinkFilm described “Farce of the Penguins” as the story of “one penguin’s search for love while on a 70-mile (112-km) trek with his libidinous buddies on their way to a hedonistic mating ritual.”

Todd Burns | 9:30 am | Comments (0)

All the news that’s fit to print…

Pitchfork Media
-Morrissey Hates Canada, Loves Seals [LINK]
-Sonic Youth Reveal New Album Details [LINK]
-Arctic Monkeys Rock NPR, Ready New EP [LINK]
-Nikki Sudden dead at 49 [LINK]

-Razorlight album ’sounds like a classic’ [LINK]
-Dirty Pretty Things make debut free with NME [LINK]
-Keane explain their new sound [LINK]
-Jack White reveals his new favourite band [LINK]

-Swell Maps’ Nikki Sudden Dead At 49 [LINK]
-Win A Signed Mae CD [LINK]
-El-P Finishing ‘Fantastic Damage’ Followup [LINK]
-French Kicks Finish Third LP, Tour [LINK]

Tiny Mixtapes
-Blackalicious Tour [LINK]
-Nikki Sudden Dead at 49 [LINK]
-Slayer Regroups [LINK]
-Isis Tour [LINK]

The Turntable | 8:34 am | Comments (0)

March 27, 2006

The show was important, as things of this sort go: The Silver Jews were actually touring (itself no small feat), and were stopping of in Charlottesville, VA, the one-time college residence of head guy David Berman. It’s hard to imagine Berman having had a good time here (or anywhere for that matter), but when he announced that he felt he was playing to a bunch of “Jeff Spicoli-looking motherfuckers,” I suddenly understood why it would be so much fun for him to play this show.

Not that it looked like he was having fun. Berman missed some lyrics on the show-opening “Black and Brown Blues” despite having a music stand an lyric sheet up (something I’ve never seen a rock musician do, even though quite a few could have used them). Berman grimaced his way through much of the act. At first I felt bad for him, assuming he was in agony about something, being on stage, the overripe fruit he might have had for lunch. Then I realized that, in his way, he did seem to be enjoying it. He relaxed (wife Cassie’s personality eased the feeling from the stage, and possibly helped Berman, too) and even told a story about his days of riding a unicycle around campus.

None of that really mattered much, though, because the band was tight and, of course, the songs excellent. And that guy whose the son of that guy from Lambchop keeps his side of the stage full of overintense guitarist mannerisms that help develop the feeling that Berman’s current lineup is full of distinct but compatible personalities. One of those personalities is Bob Nastanovich (UVa alum and Pavement member) who lent the show occasional moments of comfort and one moment of psycho-screaming.

The set was probably half Tanglewood numbers [I spent a week writing that one] and half older material. The seven or eight songs from the new release didn’t include, unfortunately “Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed,” but made up for it with an intense “Punks in the Beerlight” to start the encore and a stunning “There is a Place” to close the show. Intense, dryly humorous, memorable, moving — yep, exactly what I’d have expected from a Silver Jews show. If they’d have had more than a few days’ touring history behind them.

Justin Cober-Lake | 4:25 pm | Comments (0)

The Liars latest LP, Drums Not Dead, uses subtle shifts in mood to create an overarching narrative within the album. It plays like someone’s slow ascension out of darkness. For this and several other reasons, it makes for a great film. Well how about three great films? For anyone unaware, Drums Not Dead contains three full album films that are all quite unique and intriguing. Two are made by band members (Angus and Julian), and one by filmmaker Markus Wambsganss.

Chances are you have heard something about this; however, I doubt you have caught an actual glimpse of the films. Well here is your glimpse.

Nick Ferrall | 2:30 pm | Comments (0)

Stylus writer Alfred Soto brings this news item to our attention.

“Defendants took advantage of Randy Quaid’s devotion to filmmaking as an art form and his support of ‘true’ art films to obtain his performance in Brokeback Mountain,” the lawsuit says.

Todd Burns | 1:30 pm | Comments (0)

For those interested in something off-the-beaten path, there’s a new-ish blog focused on Ghanan hip-hop called The Hip Life Complex.

Todd Burns | 11:30 am | Comments (0)

What’s new in the world of MP3 Blogs

-Robosexual has a number of instances of the song “Sh-boom“
-Yer Blog has a few songs from the recently deceased Buck Owens.
-Between Thought and Expression has a number of mash-ups and a monologue from forthcoming movie Snakes on a Plane.
-Videoteque charts another frontier: the music video blog.

Todd Burns | 10:30 am | Comments (0)

-Twitch has some news about Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s new film entitled Utopia.
-The New York Times had a nice piece about “that Will Oldham movie” Old Joy this past weekend.
-Both Reverseblog and Anthony Kaufman recommend L’Enfant. Anthony Lane, not so much.

Todd Burns | 9:30 am | Comments (0)

All the news that’s fit to print…

Pitchfork Media
-Exclusive: Art Brut Sign American Record Deal [LINK]
-Pixies Plan Euro Trek, Frank Black Preps Double LP [LINK]
-New Daniel Johnston LP due…tomorrow! [LINK]
-Islands announce first headlining tour [LINK]

-Jack White reveals the future for The White Stripes [LINK]
-John Lennon’s diary for sale [LINK]
-The Vines singer speaks out [LINK]
-Razorlight plan to reveal new songs at ‘Royal’ show [LINK]

-Six Organs Of Admittance Prep New Album [LINK]
-MTX’s Frank Portman Releases Novel [LINK]
-Arctic Monkeys Announce New EP [LINK]
-Early Bird Registration Deadline Monday [LINK]

Tiny Mixtapes
-Pixies Pixies Pixies Geese [LINK]
-Sunburned Hand of the Man Tour [LINK]
-Built to Spill New Tourdates [LINK]
-Sonic Youth News [LINK]

The Turntable | 8:36 am | Comments (0)

March 24, 2006

Emily Haines, of Metric fame, writes a eulogy for Spin Magazine.

Todd Burns | 4:30 pm | Comments (3)

Unsatisfied with the mere success of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, singer/songwriter Spencer Krug is taking part in a third project with Destroyer’s Dan Bejar and Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer. The collective is called Thunder Cloud, and will see a release in the fall. Krug recently talked to Billboard regarding the matter.

“I think it’s a one-time thing, something we all just wanted to try out with each other,” Krug says, “But you never know. We were all joking about doing something together one time and Carey decided to take the joke all the way.”

Nick Ferrall | 2:30 pm | Comments (0)

Coolfer points toward a recent article about the “unprecedented hype” that bands are achieving nowadays.

Today, thanks to the confluence of Internet file-sharing technology, online blogs, and social networking websites such as MySpace, the grassroots community has swelled, quite literally, to global proportions. Instead of talking up bands and handing out tapes to friends in your town, music enthusiasts send the word, and the MP3 files, to cyber-pals around the world.

Apparently, this is news.

Todd Burns | 1:30 pm | Comments (0)

Via Chutry we’re pointed to this Washington Post article, which puts forth the possibility that Unknown White Male may have been an elaborate hoax.

The film’s director, Rupert Murray, adamantly insists that that he would not participate in this type of hoax, pointing out that it would severely undermine his credibility as a filmmaker. Skeptics include Hans Markowitsch, a neural psychologist, who points to the film’s conspicuous lack of a medical or psychological explnation for Bruce’s condition, and several acquaintances of Bruce’s, who point to his dexterity in conversations about certain topics (Middle Eastern politics), while claiming no memory of George Bush, Bono, or (to name one example from the film) the Rolling Stones.

Todd Burns | 11:38 am | Comments (1)

Today in the world of mp3 bloggery there are some posts worth noting simply because the music wasn’t made in the past two years: The Aquarium Drunkard has some Dylan and Cash sessions and Funtime OK with Dmitri Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8.

Todd Burns | 10:35 am | Comments (0)

Green Cine Daily’s Moira Sullivan reports from the all female directed film festival Créteil Films de Femmes.

This year, the theme was “Utopias,” and I Shot Andy Warhol by Mary Harron was one of many films screened, a film about the controversial visionary artist and poet Valerie Solanas.

Créteil features several competitions including a youth prize awarded by a student jury who selected Frauke Sandig and Erik Black’s Frozen Angels (Germany 2005) as best feature - a future take on genetic engineering told from the perspective of donors and surrogates, set in Los Angeles.

The public’s prize went to Both (USA/Peru 2005), a film about intersexuals made by the Peruvian San Francisco-based filmmaker Lisset Barcellos.

The jury prize went to Sévigné by Marta Balletbò-Coll (Spain, 2004), the story of a theater director who must choose between her husband and the woman who has written the material for her latest production. Jamie Babbit’s The Quiet was another strong contender in the feature film competition, a film about father/daughter incest, starring the haunting Elisha Cuthbert (24) and HBO veteran Edie Falco (The Sopranos) as mother and daughter. There is a made-for-TV feel here, but with talented performances in a labyrinth of intrigues. Babbit’s fascination for cheerleaders, closet cases and gender bending informs her latest feature.

Todd Burns | 9:30 am | Comments (0)

All the news that’s fit to print…

Pitchfork Media
-Built to Spill Reschedule Canceled Shows [LINK]
-Basement Jaxx Announce Dates, Compilation [LINK]
-Nicolai Dunger tours with Rhett Miller [LINK]
-Verizon Wireless goes indie [LINK]

-Stars turn out for The Raconteurs’ London debut [LINK]
-PJ Harvey to release live DVD [LINK]
-Mystery Jets announce new single [LINK]
-Pete Doherty admits drug possession [LINK]

-Cloud Cult Do Eco-Friendly Tour [LINK]
-Pretty Girls Make Tracks [LINK]
-Sonic Youth Reveals Tracklist, Title Of LP [LINK]
-San Fran Festival’s Lineup Gets Even Noisier [LINK]

Todd Burns | 8:45 am | Comments (0)

March 23, 2006

Globe and Mail critic, blogger extraordinaire, and—most importantly—Destroyer fanatic Carl Wilson links to a great NPR show about Destroyer’s music. I’ve cracked my head trying to explain why I like him and totally agree with everything said here, even if I would spend more time shaking you by the shoulders and yelling.

Mike Powell | 4:58 pm | Comments (0)

Robert over at So Many Shrimp has some songs to remember Profressor X by.

In remembrance of the recently deceased Professor X the Overseer, I decided to up some unheralded X-Clan/Blackwatch Movement stuff. No, not anything from PX’s solo albums, because those were fucking terrible. But from Isis’s solo album, Rebel Soul and from Xodus.

Todd Burns | 4:27 pm | Comments (0)

What can I say- I’m a sucker for bootlegs. Two-thirds of my writing so far has been in reference to live recordings, and that ratio is about to jump to three-fourths with this post:

Bradley’s Almanac is a consistent provider of bootleg shows within Massachusetts. His most recent addition is a Serena Maneesh at TT the Bears.

Norway’s Serena Maneesh is in the last stretch of their first full North American tour, a cross-country trek that brought them to SXSW over the weekend, and here in Boston a couple weeks back. Like the Editors, they’re a band without an album… or at least one they can actually sell at shows. It’s been available overseas since last year, but won’t officially arrive on our shores until May, courtesy of Playlouder/Beggars Banquet…

Nick Ferrall | 2:30 pm | Comments (0)

Stylus writer Mike Powell has a post on his blog about four recent albums of note: Donald Fagen’s Morph the Cat, Ghostface’s Fishscale, Moondog’s The Viking of 6th Avenue, and Seconds’ Kratitude.

In the end, what’s funny about all these approaches - Ghost’s secret city, Moondog’s serene metro-toons, Seconds/Liars neoprimitive resistance and Fagen’s suffocating calm - is that they all envision places that don’t exist but seem equally and thrillingly real. If Fagen is closest to truth, he’s also the most fucking daffy of in the bunch; Ghost has said crazy stuff before, but he never needed a large, formless cat made of smoke to argue his point.

Todd Burns | 1:30 pm | Comments (0)

Oliver Wang has an article this week in Inside Bay Area about the hyphy movement of Bay Area rappers.

Whether or not the Bay is ready for prime time still depends on a variety of forces: the right single to blow up on radio across the country, the right artist(s) to help knock the door open, and a momentum to keep things rolling past the 15-minutes-of-fame moment.

These next few months should be telling. Regardless of what happens, the Bay’s artists, regardless their type of flavor or fan base, will have made their music the only — and best — way they know how: no regrets and no compromises.

Todd Burns | 11:30 am | Comments (0)

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