November 12, 2004

For all of those who voted for Kerry, the shock has worn off. GW is going to be president for four more years. Me? I’ll keep my politics separate, but I imagine you can guess. Either way: this week I’ve put together three songs that should shake Kerry voters/admirers out of their stupor, three songs that mirror the three stages that you must be going through, or have undergone already. Despair, Disgust and Distance (Ironic, that is).

Adonis– No Way Back, [Trax Records: 20th Anniversary Collection]

“Too far gone and no way back”. The initial thought is despair. How can this be? Have we headed down the road to disaster? Is there any way out of this mess? The answer to the last question, at least, is to get involved. To start talking. To start persuading. Have we gone too far? Then bring us back slowly, but surely, towards what you believe is the right way.

*Adonis is to the far right of the picture.

[find more info about Trax Records here, buy Trax Records: 20th Anniversary Collection here]

The Futureheads– Stupid and Shallow, [The Futureheads]

Disgust comes next. Who ARE these people that voted for Bush anyway? The Futureheads answer this question in less than 1 ¾ minutes, leaving time for a guitar solo even. The funny thing about it is, though, is that they identify with the stupid and shallow: they like it when you’re like that. Young Kerry voters may never learn to love their opposition, but something tells me that one day when they grow up, many of them will be voting Republican. Call it a hunch.

[visit The Futureheads’ website here, buy The Futureheads here, read William B. Swygart’s Stylus review here]

Le Dust Sucker– Mandate My Ass, [Smallville]

Distance. Ironic distance, that is. Plop a comma up there after mandate and you’re right back to where you were two years ago: sitting on your couch thinking about how Bush had to get thrown out of office and howling with laughter at episodes of The Daily Show. Don’t worry kids, the anger and disgust wears off. It’s the complacency and irony that will remain. That is, unless you want to do something about it. Well?

[buy Smallville here, read my Stylus review of Smallville here]

Todd Burns | 12:01 am

One Response to “Utopia Burns: 3 Step Post-Election Plan”
  1. Ian Mathers Says:

    Okay, that is _the_ most awesome use of “Stupid And Shallow” ever. Milk damn near came out my nose when I saw where you’d placed it, and _I’m not drinking milk_!

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