February 14, 2006

As Matt exorcises some of his recent listening funks, he offers us some post-one-hit-wonder tunes (Sneaker Pimps, Bran Van 3000), some new shizz (Voxtrot, Man Man), a Residents remix that employs a familiar bassline, and a call for Ghostface to throw it down over some Death In Vegas…

01: Bran Van 3000 - Afrodisiak [buy]
02: Ghislain Poirier - Don’t Smile, It’s Post Modern [buy]
03: The Residents - Kaw-Liga (Moody Boys RMX) [buy]
04: Buck 65 - Devil’s Eyes [buy]
05: Death In Vegas - Dirt [buy]
06: Ratatat - Crips [buy]
07: Voxtrot - Missing Pieces [buy]
08: Man Man - Spider Cider [buy]
09: Sneaker Pimps - Lightning Field [buy]

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Matt Sheardown | 12:00 am | Comments (2)

February 13, 2006

Mallory O’Donnell rolls out some of the tracks that made his visit to David Mancuso’s loft so extraordinary in the newest edition of Jazz for Haters

01: Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions [buy]
02: Osibisa - Music for Gong Gong [buy]
03: DC LaRue - Cathedrals [buy]
04: Lamont Dozier - Going Back to My Roots [buy]
05: Celestial Choir - Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Remix) [buy]
06: D-Train - Keep On (Dub Version) [buy]
07: First Choice - Dr. Love [buy]
08: Third World - Now that We Found Love [buy]
09: Stevie Wonder - As [buy]

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Mallory O'Donnell | 12:00 am | Comments (4)

February 10, 2006

Ethan White embarks on a psychedelic trip deep into the heart of rare 60s and 70s soundtracks. Featuring music from the films of Roman Polanski, Andrei Tarkovsky, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Kenneth Anger, as well as the features La Planete Sauvage,The Wicker Man, and The Saragossa Manuscript

01: Piero Piccioni, “Puppet on a Chain (Main Theme)”
From Puppet on a Chain, directed by Geoffrey Reeve
02: Ennio Morricone, “Desperately”
From Citta Violenta, directed by Sergio Sollima
03: Alain Goraguer, “Deshominisation (I)”
From La Planete Sauvage, directed by Rene Laloux
04: Piero Umiliani, “Danza dalla luna”
From La Ragazza dalla pelle di luna, directed by Luigi Scattini
05: Krzysztof Komeda, “Walk on the Water”
From Cul-de-Sac, directed by Roman Polanski
06: Pepe Avila, Hector Morelli and Mario Losua, (untitled excerpt)
From fando y Lis, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky
07: The Freedom Orchestra, “Part II”
From Lucifer Rising, directed by Kenneth Anger
08: Paul Giovanni, “Willow’s Song”
From The Wicker Man, directed by Robin Hardy
09: Vladimir Ussachevsky, “Part II”
From Line of Apogee, directed by Lloyd Michael Williams
10: Edward Artemyev, (untitled excerpt)
From Solaris, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky
11: Krzysztof Penderecki, (untitled excerpt)
From The Saragossa Manuscript, directed by Wojciech Has
12: Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab, “Ghost or Good and bad onions”
From Vampyros Lesbos, directed by Jess Franco

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Ethan White | 12:00 am | Comments (4)

February 9, 2006

Stylus editor Todd Burns talks with Stop Smiling editor, the new series editor for Da Capo’s Best Music writing, and freelance writer Daphne Carr…

01: Boys - Wolnosc [buy]
02: Olympic - The Story Of Bass Guitar [buy]
03: The Plastic People of the Universe - Dvacet [buy]
04: Primes - Don’t Lose Yr Head [buy]
05: Ememvoodoopoka - Syndikat [buy]

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the stycast | 12:00 am | Comments (1)

February 8, 2006

Ian Mathers shows off some Danish indie before sticking strictly to the Rock on this edition of A Touching Display…

01: Diefenbach - Streetlights [buy]
02: I Am Bones - Cut Elly [buy]
03: Figurines - All Night [buy]
04: Lynnfield Pioneers - Windblown [buy]
05: The Pillows - Beautiful Morning With You [buy]
06: Superchunk - Song For Marion Brown [buy]
07: Cave In - Droned [buy]
08: Rival Schools - Used For Glue [buy]
09: Ataxia - Dust [buy]

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Ian Mathers | 12:00 am | Comments (7)

February 7, 2006

From Italian pop to Frank Zappa, Impressionist France to Disco Sheffield, the second installment of Jazz For Haters brings you another batch of leftfield pleasures for your delectation…

01: Olivier Messiaen - Haiku 4 (Gegaku) [buy]
02: Gong - Master Builder [buy]
03: Miroslav Vitous - Synthesizers Dance [buy]
04: Frank Zappa - Willie the Pimp [buy]
05: Pylon - Danger! [buy]
06: Whitey - The Awful Truth [buy]
07: Chrisma - Black Silk Stocking [buy]
08: Pet Shop Boys - I Want to Wake Up [buy]
09: Leonard Cohen - Jazz Police [buy]
10: Pulp - Death II [buy]

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Mallory O'Donnell | 12:00 am | Comments (3)

February 6, 2006

Shoup pleads for banality while playing soul and country close to the vest, all on this, his fifth and booziest Stycast…

01: Baby Huey and the Babysitters - Mighty Mighty [buy]
02: Masters of Soul - I Hate You [buy]
03: Hal Ketchum - Small Town Saturday Night [buy]
04: Alabama - High Cotton [buy]
05: Bob Brozman and Papua New Guinea Stringbands - Town Kavieng [buy]
06: Ricochet - Seven Bridges’ Road [buy]
07: Toots and the Maytals - Bla-Bla-Bla [buy]
08: Slimm Calhoun with Andre 3000 - It’s OK [buy]
09: Garnet Mimms - Tell Me Baby [buy]
10: The Falcons - I Found a Love [buy]
11: The Ronettes - You Came, You Saw, You Conquered [buy]
12: Jennifer Lopez - Get Right [buy]

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Brad Shoup | 12:00 am | Comments (7)

February 3, 2006

As the haphazardness of the title suggests, this particular Stycast is filled to the brim with random yet often coincidentally cohesive selections from Mike LeChevallier’s schizophrenic jukebox (which happens to be constantly on fire)…

01: The Mall – Grand Canyon [buy]
02: Red Snapper – Bussing [buy]
03: Mike Doughty – Madeline and Nine [buy]
04: Helium – Ocean of Wine [buy]
05: Portastatic – The Soft Rewind [buy]
06: 764-Hero – Without Fire [buy]
07: Neon Blonde – Chandeliers and Vines [buy]
08: Beat Happening – Noise [buy]
09: Charcoal – Post Atlantic [buy]

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Mike LeChevallier | 12:00 am | Comments (3)

February 2, 2006

On this week’s Push It To The Limit, Fergal O’Reilly brings you demented Swedish electropop and some relatively ideologically sound Krautrock, while maintaining a stubbornly pervasive Little Englander mentality.

01: Kano - Ikeya-Seki [buy]
02: Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Hideaway [buy]
03: Delta 5 - Now That You’ve Gone [buy]
04: Zeigeist - Tarheart [buy]
05: The Knife - Neverland [buy]
06: Josef K - It’s Kinda Funny [buy]
07: Can - Mary, Mary, So Contrary [buy]
08: Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch (Vector Lovers Mix) [buy]

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Fergal O'Reilly | 12:00 am | Comments (3)

February 1, 2006

Mike Powell and Todd Burns sit down and talk about their holiday vacations in the newest edition of The Boogie Woogie Resurrection Hour

01: The Focus Group - You Do Not See Me [buy]
02: The Focus Group - Clockbell [buy]
03: The Eagles - Disco Strangler [buy]
04: Dawn - I’m Afraid They’re All Talking About Me [buy]
05: Miranda - Don [buy]
06: Destroyer - Thief [buy]

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Mike Powell and Todd Burns | 12:00 am | Comments (1)

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