August 15, 2005

Today’s podcast: Michael F. Gill’s Groovin’ With The Millimeters.

01: Lotterboys - Heroine [buy]
02: Kraak & Smaak - Money In The Bag [buy]
03: Lipps Inc - How Long [MF Gill’s Caulder Mix] [buy]
04: Colin Newman - Better Later Than Never [buy]
05: Donald Byrd - Change [Makes You Want To Hustle] [buy]
06: Jurgen Paape - Cream [buy]
07: Creation Rebel - Basic Principles [buy]
08: Monne Automne - Teco [Neville Attree Remix] [buy]
09: [Outro] Jor-El - In The Memory Of [buy]

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Michael F. Gill | 8:00 am

5 Responses to “Stycast #084: Groovin’ With The Millimeters”
  1. david day Says:

    Hey, I played the single-sided 12″ and erik recognized it! Sheesh. And Michael ripped it, natch. It was a combined effort.

    And that Kraak & Smaak rap is from “When Boys Talk” by Indeep

  2. Ian Mathers Says:

    That Kraak & Smaak tune is awesome!

  3. PB Says:

    The track that has the “future assured” lyric is the best thing to make it onto a GWTMM Stycast yet. Great track.

  4. Michael F Gill Says:

    I assume you mean the Colin track, with the lyric “The future gloom’s ensured.”

  5. david day Says:

    “When Boys Talk” by Indeep is also referenced on the new Kate Wax: “My love is something / Special to share” f.w.i.w.

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