December 4, 2006

Hauntology isn’t dead yet, and Ethan White presents the necessarily nebulous discussion that proves it…

01: Belbury Poly - Rattler’s Hey [buy]
02: Christian Marclay - Martin Denny [buy]
03: Smackos - Winter Arrives at Missile Tracking Post 3-5NZ [buy]
04: Jan Jelinek - The Ballad of Soap [buy]
05: Tim Hecker - Chimeras [buy]
06: Felix Kubin ft. Mark Boombastik - Stelle Am Mund [buy]
07: Excepter - Rock Stepper [buy]
08: Burial - Gutted [buy]
09: Kode 9 & Spaceape - Addiction [buy]
10: The Caretaker - Memory Fifteen [buy]
11: Colleen - Your Heart is So Loud [buy]
12: Robert Henke - Layer 001 [buy]

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Ethan White | 12:00 am

One Response to “Stycast #362: All Covered in Wire and Bits of Old Tire #016”
  1. Michael Says:

    It’s okay to be that dick.

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