June 1, 2005

Today’s podcast: Michael F. Gill and Thesis’s Groovin’ With The Millimeters with special guest Erik Pearson (Forced Exposure Sound System, Statemusic) and an Elephant.

01: Jeans Team - Berlin Am Meer [buy]
02: Kompis - The Rider [buy]
03: Morane - Living On A Traffic Island [buy]
04: Telepopmusik - Love Can Damage Your Health (Teleelektronicagrunch im
Diskodatschen Rework) [buy]
05: Amerie - One Thing (Siik Remix) [buy]
06: Capricorn - Capricorn [buy]
07: Ijahman Levi - Levi Dub [buy]
08: Dub Taylor - Ragged (outro) [buy]

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Michael F. Gill | 8:00 am

6 Responses to “Stycast #032: Groovin’ With The Millimeters #004”
  1. adamrl Says:

    OMG that Robag/Telepop thing!

  2. calico Says:

    Morane’s Living On A Traffic Island is fantastic! Great show.

  3. Mike Powell Says:

    Great, again. The Morane is fantastic. I first found the Siik remix on the Hollertronix forum, http://www.hollertronix.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1376. The backing track is by Nujabes, who I don’t really know much about. I think they’re Japanese. I first heard the song on a soundtrack to an anime, Samurai Champloo, that my brother played for me. Beautiful, for sure.

  4. Erik Pearson Says:

    Nice background Mike.

    I’ve noticed a lot of bad mashes of One Thing are starting to surface but Siik’s is the heavyweight.

    Peep the rest of his stuff below. Summer indeed.


  5. Michael F Gill Says:

    The background music is one of the unsung stars of the show.

    Thanks for the Siik linkage Mike.

    Erik - there are going to be zillions of One Thing remixes now that the acapella is out in the open.

  6. siik Says:

    i should look at my stats more often.. thanks for the holler!

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