February 27, 2006

This time Ian Mathers fiddles around with some new technology while playing nothing but synthpop, which seems like something he’d do deliberately to seem clever, but actually he didn’t realise the connection until he was writing this blurb…

01: The Knife - Heartbeats (Live) [buy]
02: New Order - Everyone Everywhere [buy]
03: Delays - Valentine [buy]
04: The Dears - Heartless Romantic [buy]
05: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - The Romance Of The Telescope [buy]
06: Pet Shop Boys - You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk [buy]
07: Fischerspooner - Tone Poem [buy]
08: The Research - Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same [buy]
09: Hefner - When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines [buy]

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Ian Mathers | 12:00 am

3 Responses to “Stycast #206: A Touching Display #023”
  1. no Says:

    Besides this live version and the original, what are the other two versions of heartbeats (and how might I acquire them)? I had never heard the song before and was knocked down at the beginning of the stycast.

  2. O'REILLEH Says:

    Presumably: the Jose Gonzalez cover and the Rex the Dog remix. One is borderline comatose and the other is ecstatic; try to guess which!

  3. Ian Mathers Says:

    O’REILLEH is exactly correct. Although I don’t read either as comatose or ecstatic. You have to hear the original, though, it’s the best.

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