February 22, 2006

This week, in addition to rare Neil Young and hidden gems from the Fall and Elbow, Ian Mathers introduces some hauntology to A Touching Display…

01: Neil Young - Time Fades Away [buy]
02: Elbow - One Thing That Was Bothering Me [buy]
03: The Fall - Paint Work [buy]
04: Kate Rusby - The Fairest Of All Yarrow [buy]
05: Joy Division - Heart And Soul [buy]
06: The Avalanches - Since I Left You [buy]
07: Marsen Jules - Aile D’Aigle [buy]

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Ian Mathers | 12:00 am

6 Responses to “Stycast #203: A Touching Display #022”
  1. Ian Mathers Says:

    …and by The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall I clearly mean This Nations Saving Grace, which is a better record anyways. Jeeze, I was even thinking of the correct album cover at the time, how did I screw that one up?

  2. Mike LeChevallier Says:

    Indeed it is a better album.

    I’m still waiting to hear whether you enjoyed that Pillows track or not.

  3. JessGraves Says:

    But what about “Oh Brother”? (Interesting to note that one is an album about doing speed, the other dope.)

    I want to hear more Marsen Jules…

  4. Ian Mathers Says:

    So do I - can’t remember where I got “Aile D’Aigle” from, but I want more. “Oh Brother” was the second Fall song I ever heard, right after “Hit The North”, and it makes me think of my brother every time I hear it. I’m a big fan.

    So which is the speed album, and which is dope? I could see it going either way, but what with all the elves and the like I’m assuming it’s TNSG that’s the speed one.

    Mike, I thought it was okay, but I prefer their soundtrack stuff, I guess?

  5. JessGraves Says:

    You’re right-”The Wonderful and Frightening World” is the speed album. Though I discussed this with my boyfriend last night and he made a good case for why they’re BOTH speed albums.

    Sometime I’ll give a line by line lyrical analysis if you’re ever that bored.

  6. Ian Mathers Says:

    It’s entirely possible I’m always that bored.

    You know what was automatically a speed album? Whichever one had “Totally Wired” on it (obvious, I know, but still true).

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