May 4, 2005

Today’s podcast: Michael F. Gill and his trusty sidekick Thesis present Groovin’ With The Millimeters: the newest in house, disco, funk, reggae with special guest this week, Todd Burns.

01: Isolee – My Hi-Matic [buy]
02: Roisin Murphy – So Into You [buy]
03: Omar-S – Strider’s World [buy]
04: Telepopmusik – Into Everything (MFA Mix) [buy]
05: Akzidenz Grotesk – Isbjörn [buy]
06: Product01 – Heart ov Glass (Justus Köhncke Mix) [buy]
07: Andreas Dorau - Strasse Der Träume (Justus Köhncke Mix) [buy]
08: International Pony – Superyou (Justus Köhncke Mix) [buy]
09: Telex – Pakmoväst [buy]
10: Cerrone – Supernature [buy]
11: Love Joys – I Belong To You [buy]
12: Benjamin Diamond – Let’s Get High (Alan Braxe Mix)[buy]
Words, Speech: Michael F. Gill

Notes: Please excuse Thesis’ rude intrusion on Isolee’s track.

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Michael F. Gill | 8:00 am

6 Responses to “Stycast #013: Groovin’ With The Millimeters 002”
  1. nate deyoung Says:

    didn’t kohncke remix chelonis jones’ i don’t know? that’s the kohncke remix i can’t stop listening to.

    michael & todd should start a dance comedy troupe and i’m holding todd to metro area releasing a record soon.

  2. todd burns Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s just a 12″, but something nonetheless.

  3. Michael F Gill Says:

    Didn’t I subtly mention the Chelonis Mix?

    Todd: What are some other famous Justus Mixes?
    Me: Um, “I Don’t know,” I can’t think of any others.

  4. nate deyoung Says:


    12″ is more than enough for me. i keep gravitating back to proton candy like a bad addiction. oh god - metro area 6 is out now? i need to keep on top of these things…that excerpt of honey circuit sounds both perfectly crazy and has a flute.

  5. Tynan DeLong Says:

    First timer to these Stycasts, but I really enjoyed your mix. Turned me on to some stuff I hadn’t heard before (Omar-S, Love Joys,etc.). Good stuff man, hope to hear some more soon.


    P.S. The on air commentary is PRETTY sick. And funny.

  6. robert Says:

    this’ll probably go unread, but i finally got around to listening to this, and wanted to tell thesis that Telex are actually from Belgium.

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