DJ Camille

DJ Camille is my nom-de-disco, although I have been known to masquerade behind others. I am currently residing in Houston, Texas and investigating (albeit with habitual slowness) the waters. This space will be used mainly to keep folks apprised of my current activities, and to act as an archive of previous set lists and experiential notes.

First and foremost, I’m not much of a DJ on a technical level, and as such I keep it simple - other people can be DJs all they want. I like to play records for people. I like to think that the records I play are different from the ones most people play. I’m pretty sure I’m right. I have and can continue to provide this playing of records for a huge variety of audiences and in a plethora of styles. I’m pretty comfortable playing within one or a few genres if I have to, but my preferred manner is to mix it up as much as possible. That being said, I have no problem filling a few hours with, say nothing but jazz, house or rock, if the situation demands it. I’m also quite capable with classic soul and funk, 70’s / 80’s funk and disco, italo, techno, hip-hop, reggae, synthpop, experimental / ambient, etc.

My dream in life would be to play nothing but classic underground disco and dance (think Loft / Paradise Garage) once a week to an appreciative audience that knows their stuff, but I’m not holding out on that.

Anyway, feel free to email me ( if you’re in H-Town or Environs and need someone to bring it. I bring it pretty hard.

Upcoming Events :

February 18th @ Mocha Life

I’ll be spinning jazz, african and other tunes for the first couple hours (starting around 7) and inbetween the live acts. My friend Kangsen Wakai will be reading his poetry and there will be several amazing drummers from different African countries who live in the area. I’m sure there will also be some other music and surprises, as well as the usual great art and excellent, organic beverages (I recommend the teas or all the all-fruit smoothies). This will hopefully be going on every month, but this one should be exceptional, as it’s right in the middle of the 11th Annual Citywide African-American Art Exhibition.