More than Midnight

More than Midnight is my weekly radio show on WTJU, 91.1 FM in Virginia. One of the few remaining truly freeform, DJ-programmed radio stations in the country, so I get to play whatever the heck I want. This usually involves some mix of jazz, funk, disco, electronic shit, post-punk, pop, Britrock, reggae, Latin, African, novelty, weird easy listening jive, spoken word, house, prog rock, Italo, you name it. Started in May of 2004, we’re going on 2 years running and no sign of slowing down!

As of my move in September, More than Midnight has ceased to be. I still plan on archiving the old set lists (I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it), but for the most part that’s it, over, au revoir. WTJU is still going strong, though, and the increased ease and speed of their listen on-line connection makes it well worth checking out. And if you’re ever in Virginia, you can always check it out. Flava Flav does.

But now, I’ve heard good things about KTRU…