Neo-Soul Whities : Aioli Vs. Mayo


Today on The Singles Jukebox, we encountered a new Amy Winehouse single. Next week, we’ll deal with Christina Aguilera’s new (not for want of a better word) “joint.”

What strikes me about these two singers (and the wildly disparate levels of popularity that both have acquired) is how both employ strikingly different methods and achieve very different results, but both are more or less reaching for the same golden apple. Both are white girls who sing against a backdrop that recalls the “classic” soul sound. Christina Aguilera started her career as an oversinging sub-Britney Spears and is now an oversinging sub-Joss Stone. Amy Winehouse, though awarded plaudits and praise in her native UK, can’t get a record deal in the states for all the bloggers in Brooklyn.

The bothersome thing here is that everything you would want from a white pop star singing ostensibly “black” music is encapsulated in the young Ms. Winehouse - she’s effortlessly strong-throated, naturally attractive, and presents a (for want of a better phrase) positive role model for teh ladies - smart, vulnerable but tough, etc.

On the other hand, Scaguilera has pretty much gone through every phase of tartdom, so her neo-soul is strictly of the Janie-Come-Lately variety. Besides, all the DJ Premier beats in the world can’t rescue you from a history of looking like a complete skank for publicity. None of which would bother me, but the bitch cannot sing.

But don’t take my word for it… their two current singles:

Amy Winehouse - “Rehab”

Christina Aguilera - “Hurt”

Amy moves on to a strikingly Motown-derived sound, far afield from her more contemporary debut yet still enticing (though I stand by my 6/10 rating). Xtina moves… nothing but my sense of pity for this tired, rubbish country.

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  1. dominic replied:

    there’s a hilarious photoshopped pic of xtina getting molested by donald duck over at (go back a few days - i can’t get to that page from work). glad to see you posting again - i have some unexciting news for you, maybe i’ll drop a dime and call soon.

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