Girl Talk @ the Proletariat’s Fourth Anniversary Party, 9.23.06

For my first “real” event post-relocation, I went to the fourth anniversary party of hep bar the Proletariat, which offered a slew of DJs playing to a fairly packed and bumping dance floor, topped off with the delicious post-pop soup of a live laptop set from Girl Talk! For free (before 11 CST), even! I love you Houston!

The first couple warmup DJs were brave but a bit meh, serving up wobbly mash-ups which really couldn’t be asked to compare with Girl Talk’s helter-skelter maelstrom. Things heated up when Daytah took to the tables, spinning a cheeky mix of irony-free dancefloor classics (”Lady,” “Music Sounds Better With You,” “Two of Hearts,” “Over & Over”) that brought a Balearic smile to my face. DJ Witness dirtied things up even more, focusing more on recent hits (”Kryptonite”) and adding a stronger hip-hop bent.

Girl Talk finally took to the “stage” at around 1 am, after an aborted attempt to raffle off some Proletariat t-shirts, which ended with them being thrown (really more like handed) into the crowd. Dressed to the nines in button-up, tie and blazer, Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis) played his geek chic role to perfection, grinning goofily while he leaned his lanky frame over the laptop to mesh together beats, bites, pieces and fragments of the last twenty years of pop history. The crowd (who I wasn’t sure would even know the steez) lapped it up, to their credit, jumping and grinding and hollering when favorite bits both expected (”Hustlin’,” “Take me to the Mardi Gras,” “Kryptonite,” again) and unexpected (Smashing Pumpkin’s “1969″) dropped into the mix. Downsides included wading through a sea of hipsters to wait for a half-hour to procure a watery bourbon & coke, and having someone throw a drink at their girlfriend only to hit me.

Otherwise a fine night, spent as one should - alone, in a beat-addled daze, covered in sweat.

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Strange and… Moved!


We moved!

From the land of Thomas Jefferson to the land of G-Dubs. Into the belly of the beast and whatnot. (That means we’re in Houston.)

Specifically, the Montrose, aka the “gayborhood.” And, yes, it is delightfully gay. Needless to say, we love it. Though we pretty much need never leave the area bounded by Westheimer to the north, Richmond to the south, Kirby to the west and Montrose Ave. to the east.

Long live the real.
Death to the fakers.

We’ll be back shortly with a full report on our exciting and action packed first full week in H-town, but first……….

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More than Midnight 09.11.06

Last show, huzzah!

OK, I swear there exists a sheet for this with a tracklisting all that, yadda yadda yadda, but I have yet to turn it up in the move wreckage (see next post).

In the meantime, special thanks go to Lauren for keeping it extra-crunk for our last night up in the C-V-L.

LOL Indie!

Hey! Look what I found!
OI! Here We Go:

Massara - Margherita (Version Anglasise) - 12″
(The Hypothetical) Prophets - Person To Person - So Cold Yet So Young
Grace Jones - Breakdown - Warm Leatherette
Adam Ant - Strip - Strip
Alexander O’Neal - Criticize - Hearsay
Chanson - Don’t Hold Back - Chanson
Kano - It’s A War - Kano
Feist - Inside & Out - Let It Die
Morgan Geist - Most Of All - 12″
Daft Punk - Digital Love - Discovery
New Order - The Perfect Kiss - 12″
Electronic - Free Will (Extended) - 12″
Throbbing Gristle - Hot on the Heels of Love - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller - Cleanliness & Order - 12″
Greenskeepers - Lotion - Pleetch
Rod McKuen - Trashy - Greatest Hits, Vol. 4
NWA - 8 Ball - Straight Outta Compton
David Bowie - Oh, You Pretty Things / Eight Line Poem - Hunky Dory
De La Soul - Keepin’ the Faith (UK 12″ Edit) - 12″
Johnny Boy - You are the Generation That Bought More Shoes & You Get What You Deserve - Johnny Boy
The Go-Go’s - Tonight - Beauty & the Beat
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix) - 12″
Brian Eno - Baby’s On Fire - Here Come The Warm Jets
Bauhaus - In Fear of Fear - Mask
Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty - 12″
Caetano Veloso - Nine Out of Ten - Transa
Stevie Wonder - As - Songs in the Key of Life

Thanks again be to Lauren, without whom almost anything would have been possible. Cheers, love!

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More Than Midnight 09.04.06

Next to last show. Went in with a handful of discs and played the new arrivals drawer - some of my faves of the year and some unpreviewed wtfs. The way one does.

TV On the Radio - “Let the Devil In” - Return to Cookie Mountain
Klaxons - “Gravity’s Rainbow” - mp3
CSS - “This Month, Day 10″ - Cansei de Ser Sexy
Justin Timberlake - “FutureSex/ LoveSounds” - Future Sex Love Sounds
Lupe Fiasco - “Kick Push” - Food & Liquor
Hot Chip - “Just Like We (Breakdown)” - The Warning
Junior Boys - “In the Morning” - So This is Goodbye
Mylo - “Muscle Car (DJ T Remix) - Muscle Car
Booka Shade - “In White Rooms” - Movements
EDU K - “Hot Mama (Bonde Do Role Mix)” - Favela Booty Beats 2
Feist - “One Evening (Gonzales Solo Piano)” - Open Season
Cut Chemist - “The Garden” - The Audience is Listening
Scritti Politti - “Cooking” - White Bread, Black Beer
Sally Shapiro - “I’ll Be By Your Side” - mp3
Arthur Russell - “Springfield (DFA Remix)” - Springfield
Kerrier District - “Sho U Rit” - Kerrier District 2
The Rapture - “Get Myself Into It” - Pieces of the People We Love
The Knife - “We Share Our Mother’s Health” - Silent Shout
Beyonce - “Get Me Bodied (Remix)” - B’Day
MC Sabrinha - “Eu Solta O Som Da Voz” - Favela Booty Beats 2
Justice - “Waters of Nazareth” - Waters of Nazareth
Lady Sovereign - “Love Me or Hate Me” - CD-5
Oh No - “Beware ft. Cali Agents” - Exodus Into Unknown Rhythms
PsalmOne - “Standby” - The Death of Frequent Flyer
Justice - “Waters of Nazareth (Justice Remix)” - Waters of Nazareth
Nickodemus & Osiris - “Free Souls Part 3 (Dublex Inc. Remix)” - Turntables on the Hudson Six Remix

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