I Try to Know Her / In All Her Changes

This one’s for Mr. Mathers…

I heartily retract my previous statement regarding the song “So Glad to See You” from what looks to be the No. 1 album of the year, Hot Chip’s The Warning. If you can’t be arsed to (re)read my fulsome ramblings, I had indicated that I enjoyed the song, but would prefer it as a b-side.

All that has changed.

Though I stand by my thoughts that the sequencing of the record gets thrown a loop by this song, it’s required that it be on there, for it’s essential that as many people hear it as possible. For it’s simply one of the most gorgeous evocations of our confused human state to be gouged into wax this year. Like Kraftwerk krafting a soul ballad, verse-chorus-verse is abandoned for a song more accurately described as two movements - opening with a chunky mid-tempo churn, Joe and Alexis alternate impersonal / deeply personal takes on the loose subject matter, while one of them puts in a good word for the warm vocoder sound of the Pet Shop Boys’ “London.” Then the backing drops out and that gorgeous fireside synth descends, enfolding you as the boys return to hovering around the zen-like refrain of the title.

It’s a rare case of 4 minutes feeling like 2, an hour compressed into seconds, a feather dragged across one’s cheek solidified as manifesto. My heart maneuvers into position to assault my throat when Alexis sings the following words:

I have but one true friend
She sings to me, in my solitude
And I know her name
I try to know her, in all her changes
And I don’t know her place
And I don’t see her face

Heard & truly felt.
I don’t know her name, but I’m doing my best to learn it.

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Noisy Shit : Now With Added Noise! & Shit!

I’ve been buying records for a hot minute now. As a buyer, and as a buyer, if you get me. With the latter, I seldom run across something that boggles. (Or roffles for those of you playing the HoILMe game). With this one, I’m at a loss. All my usual (*rockist*) sources of info-mation (eBay, Gemm, AMG, Discogs) bring up nothing. Google ain’t no help either, just tells me that 2 fools have playlisted this single and everybody else has the spelling wrong. So what do I do? Well, in this case, I play one of the most bodacious blasts of noise these ears have come across since feedback whurr invented and pretend like it all makes sense.

So, then, Pinnochio & the Puppets immortal lost 7″ release:
Cowboys & Indians

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Nah, Me Neither

I really don’t know what this is. I just know I found it on a Duke Ellington LP called Cottontail. And it’s freaky & rulez! And zat’s all I know. Enjoy.

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More than Midnight 8.28.06


As we count down to the move and the end (?) of MTM, we went for one of the most typical shows ever - er which means I typically had no idea what a song was going to sound like before I dropped the needle on it!

Usually that results in a great big mess and tonight was no exception - the specialty for this one was build-up and release. Of the frustrating variety.

I also made the interesting discovery that when you play the “Freak Like Me” a capella on it’s own it’s actually very gospel.

Morton Subotnick - “The Sidewinder, Pt.2 (Excerpt)” - The Sidewinder
Dr. Octagon - “3000 (Instrumental)” - Instrumentalyst
Morton Subotnick - “The Sidewinder, Pt.2 (Excerpt)” - The Sidewinder
Dr. Octagon - “Blue Flowers (Instrumental)” - Instrumentalyst
Run-DMC - “Rock Box (Vocal Dub)” - 12″
DJ Kool - “Let Me Clear My Throat (45 King Bass N’ Funk Mix)” - CD-5
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - “Hip City, Pt.1″ - Home Cookin’
Gato Barbieri - “Brasil (Live)” - El Pampero
Mr. Magic - “Potential 1980″ - Third Unheard
Roxy Music - “Love is the Drug” - Siren
Ike & Tina Turner - “Gonna Find Me a Substitute” - It’s Gonna Work Out Fine
The Hurricanes - “Zorba the Greek” - Succes Instumenteaux
Billy Preston - “Slippin’ & Slidin’” - The Wildest Organ in Town
Lee Perry & the Upsetters - “Underground” - Super Ape
Monty Alexander - “Love & Happiness” - Rass
Candi Staton - “Evidence (Reconstruction a Rebrousse Temps)” - 12″
Willie Bobo - “Broasted or Fried” - Do What You Wanna Do
Los Jimaguas - “Los Dos Hermanos” - Son Cubano NYC
Albert Ayler - “Sun Watcher” - New Grass
Funkadelic vs. William Strickland - “March to the Witches’ Castle” vs. “An Electronic Visit to the Zoo” - Cosmic Slop / An Electronic Visit to the Zoo / Sound Hypnosis
Hot Chip - “Over & Over” - The Warning
Hystero - “Deale” - 12″
Benjamin Diamond - “Let’s Get High (Alan Braxe Remix)” - 12″
Justin Timberlake - “Future Sex / Love Sounds” - Future Sex / Love Sounds
Black Strobe - “Fitting Together” - 12″
Adina Howard - “Freak Like Me (A Capella) - 12″

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Thank You For Motherfucking Flying

I’m just going to say one thing : it’s everything you expect it to be. And for now, that’s enough. The police were called in for the show before ours. And for now, that’s enough.

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Slightly More Than Mid-Year Roundup, Huzzah!

My favorite albums of the year thus far, in a pictoral fashion. Rock it!



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More than Midnight 8.14.06

The time draws nigh… soon it will all be in the past. That being the case, we’ve stuck to some all-time MTM faves and current raves here. A big-dealie last show is in the works, but I’ve got to check with my lawyers vis-a-vis copyright clearance and all that. For now:

The Cure - Grinding Halt - Boys Don’t Cry
The Church - The Unguarded Moment - Of Skins & Heart
Betty Harris - A Break in the Road - The Lost Soul Queen
David J. - I’ll Be Your Chauffeur - Songs From Another Season
Spoon - Anything You Want - Girls Can Tell
The Shortwave Set - Slingshot - 45
The Glove - Mr. Alphabet Says - Blue Sunshine
The Glove - A Blues in Drag - Blue Sunshine
Red House Painters - Katy Song - Red House Painters
Hot Chip - Look After Me - The Warning
Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas - Chansons, Vol. 3
Leonard Cohen - Is This What You Wanted? - New Skin For the Old Ceremony
Pet Shop Boys - I Get Along - Release
John Cale - Big White Cloud - Vintage Violence
David Bowie - Golden Years - Station to Station
Chanson - Don’t Hold Back - Chanson
CSS - Let’s Make Love & Listen Death From Above (Spank Rock Remix) - 12″
Junior Boys - In the Morning - So This is Goodbye
New Order - The Perfect Kiss (12″ Version) - 12″
The Tear Garden - Romulus & Venus - The Last Man to Fly
Prince - Shockadelica - The B-Sides
Cassie - Just Friends - mp3
Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better - United
Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School - The Warning
New Order - Face-Up - Low-Life
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb - 12″

“We tried… but we didn’t have long…
We tried… but we don’t belong…”

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Random Moment of Cheesiness / Love

Just wanted to let all y’all Sonar peeps out there know that I miss your asses (and for that matter the rest o’ ye too).

See you next year (fingers crossed, eye on bank account).

Keep it crackin’ and let me know what you kids are up to!



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Google failure.  Right now.  Just do it.

Now thank Holly with me.  All together now:

Thank you, Holly.

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the beach

Hmm… an odd sort of moment, here. Been a while, yadda yadda, but this is an odd one - nothing like anything I’ve done before so it’s either a bold new direction or a case of peeing and missing the bowl entirely! Err… enjoy!

the beach (pts. 1 - 3)

(pt. 1)

you shouldn’t talk about it,
no one wants to play anymore.
ok: we were young, we
were winsome;
but just let the petals fall
be old, unjust, impure;
walk the beach in your mothers’ sandals
and let the sand do your toenails in,
but don’t make the world of it
there’ll always be another
beach, another lover,
another pair of flip-flops.

make haste now -
the sun is setting
the showers will
soon be closed.

(pt. 2)

look, just don’t.
don’t make me spill it here.
the beach is old, and love
is just a verb miscast as various nouns.
it don’t define us
it don’t make us whole, or holy.
for that we’ve God, or
or something.
but the beach grows tired
of our frolics.
it wants the tide to change
and the sun to finish its course.

at the end, will you stand by the shore?
or must the waves lap
at empty depressions
where feet once rested?

(pt. 3)

better to have known
a single unyielding sunrise
than a thousand
shrouded dusky moons.
best to walk once
along the beach, lit
as though in bas-relief
than to reach for fire -
that boorish, callous,
conglomerate glow
of stars collected
in a basket.

you wonder why the beach
has become our world, but
you’ve yet to ask why
you came here to begin with.

mallory o’donnell

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