July is Shiny Disco Madness Month!

Escort’s new single “Starlight” is providing me with the quaking boogies like you wouldn’t believe. Two killer original mixes and a smoking dub from Darshan of Metro Area (which is about to appear on my about-to-appear Summer mix), please give the disco some love by buying it this instant on 12″ and impressing all your DJ friends. No, actually do it. I’d write more about the song itself, but fuck it, our very own MF Gill already spilled the beans all over today’s Beatz By the Pound, which was even more spankin’ than usual. Yeah, you’re thinking, like that’s possible. Whatevs!

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More Than Midnight 7.24.06

Tonight - it’s a strictly 45s affair!

“I feel like I wanna holler but the town’s too small…”

Donovan - “Epistle to Dippy”
Roxy Music - “Pyjamarama”
Stevie Wonder - “I Wish”
SOS Band - “Take Your Time Do It Right (Pt.1)”
Juggy Jones - “Inside America (Pt.1)”
Hot Chip - “Boy From School”
Tyrone Davis - “I Keep Coming Back”
Sam & Dave - “Hold On, I’m Comin’”
Ray Charles - “Busted”
Jimmy Smith - “Back at the Chicken Shack (Pt.2)”
Eddie Floyd - “Gotta Make a Comeback”
Lee Dorsey - “Get Out My Life Woman”
Andre Williams - “Bacon Fat”
Lightnin’ Hopkins - “You Cook All Right”
Shuggie Otis - “Shuggie’s Boogie”
Little Willie John - “All Around the World”
Joe Tex Band - “Chocolate Cherry”
Bill Withers - “Ain’t No Sunshine”
Jimmy Norman - “Tell Her For Me”
Ollie Nightengale - “It’s A Sad Thing”
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - “Do the Boomerang”
Cliff Noble - “The Horse”
The Devil’s Anvil - “Karkadon”
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars - “Anyway You Wannta”
Len Barry - “Bullseye”
Jim Dickinson - “Monkey Man”
Sons & Daughters - “Dance Me In”
Donnie Nix - “I’ll Break Your Heart”
R. Dean Taylor - “Love’s Your Name”
David Bowie - “Heroes” (Chante En Francais)
Grace Jones - “La Vie En Rose”
Chanson - “Don’t Hold Back”
Sharon Redd - “Can You Handle It”
Blue Magic - “Welcome to the Club”
New Edition - “Cool It Now”

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Play Us The Song That Makes It So Tough

Barry White 027.jpg

Me, a contrarian? Never!

We’re often given examples of the many and sundry ways in which white artists ruin black forms of music, or cover black tunes to stomach-wrenching effect. What we’re seldom exposed to is the opposite situation - granted, it’s a much smaller playing field here, but there are definitely a few cases wherein a perfectly good pop tune by a white artist is given the drubbing by an otherwise respectable black one. In the interests of fair game, I present two (both of which I just happen to have stumbled across today) :

Patti Austin and the 1980 CTI house band making a laughingstock out of Squeeze’s wonderful proto-New Wave ditty “Another Nail In My Heart”

The “Walrus of Love,” Barry White dismantling any and all soul present in the folk/country standard “Long Black Veil”

I only do this because I love you and I want you to see clearly.

We are all guilty.

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It’s a call for… Byatmyan!

This is the kind of thing that keeps us vinyl whores covered in the dust of endless digs. The Robins / Avengers 45 “Batman” b/w “Batarang.” An early production by Memphis legend Jim Dickinson, it came out in 1966 on Ardent Records, future home of Big Star. The A-side is a corny novelty number about everyone’s favorite Chiropteran superhero, sung by a nice Jewish girl bussed down from Longuyisland for the occasion. But the keeper here is the flip - “Batarang,” a sun-kissed little psyche number dominated by vocal sighs, tasty organ stabs and some extra gnarly guitar. One imagines this came at the tail end of a brutal Memphis afternoon of cold beer and hot hot heat reflected off of brick buildings. What it all has to do with Bruce Wayne’s favorite accessory is anyone’s guess. All the same, enjoy!

Ardent Records A 106
“Batman” b/w ” “Batarang“

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“Stop Tri-ppin”


Yeah, sure, so I just put this one up 2nd in my Playbook mix from like, three days ago, but I’ve gotta obsess right now, so deal. My new Spoon is Cassie’s “Just Friends.” Despite what my iTunes “tags” tell me about it being from 2005, this is one of my jamz from the ‘06. It’s not just that filter-feathered beat, it’s not just that she’s dishy as all hell - it’s me riding around with Olivia in 2000 listening to Destiny’s Child before they started trying to wash they mans feet and all that, it’s nights out in the Mustang heading to the shore to find some E, it’s everything good and dangerous about having a girl friend who ain’t a girlfriend, you dig?

It’s the way Cassie unloads “I don’t want to say this again,” and it’s the way she overrides herself and the beat recklessly after 1 minute and 50 seconds - it’s the way she holds “got” instead of “love” and most especially the way trippin’ becomes two words when it dances across her tangled tongue. It’s finally, for the love of God, a current R&B song from a woman’s perspective that doesn’t bow or keep its’ honesty under lock & key. More now please.

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Playbook 008 - Spider In the Web

It’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these. For y’alls unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a series of soft mixes (i.e. nothing more than some track editing in iTunes done to the songs) based on these AMAZING photos and “fun ideas” from a 70’s childrens / family book.

My scanner is giving me cyan ink-related static right now, so the best I can muster is a blurry photo of the cover for the mix, but I will be back here in the next couple days to provide a printable front and back cover art for it. The mix itself is meant to be burned to disc (I’ve volumized and such) but if anybody wants an iPod-able variant, let me know - this shit will sound all messed up if you iPod it in current state without ripping from a burned cd-r first.

The tracklisting :

01. Codebreaker - Caller
02. Cassie - Just Friends
03. Prince - Scarlet Pussy
04. Hot Chip - Sexual Chocolate
05. Kelis ft. Slim Thug - Bossy (Remix)
06. Craig Mack - Flava In Yo Ear (Remix)
07. The Whispers - Rock Steady
08. Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (Greg Wilson Edit)
09. Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
10. Pet Shop Boys - Minimal
11. Cansei de Ser Sexy - This Month, Day 10
12. Mystery Jets - The Boy Who Ran Away (Riton Re-Rub)
13. Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
14. Phoenix - Sometimes in a Fall
15. Neil Diamond - America
16. Eve Massacre - When Silhouettes Cry (Prince vs. The Postal Service)
17. Negativland - Christianity is Stupid (excerpt)
18. Porky Pig - That’s All Folks

The mix :

Playbook 008 : Spider in the Web

Edit : I’ve added the scanned, CD-sized images for the front and back cover. Just cuz I love you.

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Mercy Mercy Indeed

I live a relatively quiet life. I try not to offend too many others. If only everyone felt the same way - while attempting to enjoy my lunch today I made the mistake of looking at the most recent copy of SPIN magazine, to discover the following horrifying news :

The Strokes (I think they’re a rock band) will be releasing a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me,” which features cameos from Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Eagles of Death Metal’s Josh Homme, as the b-side to their single blah blah blah.

Look, What’s Going On is a great record. It’s but one of several that Gaye released during a brilliant creative streak only topped by Stevie Wonder’s (who was inspired by Marvin’s example to squeeze out from under Berry Gordy’s clenched hand and pursue his own expressive path). But for some reason, not only is it perennially the only Marvin Gaye record that douchebag rockers have ever listened to, they’re obviously only playing one freaking song on the thing.

The only merciful thing to do is declare an industry-wide moratorium on covers of “Mercy Mercy Me” until we’ve heard Prince’s take on “Save the Children,” Loretta Lynn’s heart-wrenching remake of “When Did I Stop Loving You (When Did You Stop Loving Me)” and Neil Young’s blistering acoustic version of “You Sure Love to Ball,” complete with keening lap steel.

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“I Feel Fine And I Feel Good”

New Order are heavily soundtracking my life at the moment (howoddamirite?) and I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion that “Bizarre Love Triangle” is so better than “Blue Monday.” I may turn this into a full on piece at some point, but I listened to both like 8 times when I drove back from Memphis and BLT straight rocks it every time.

Speaking of BLT - I heard something today that needs love. Almost every remix of a New Order track is complete kak, but Richard X manages to pull it off with his mix of “Bizarre Love Triangle,” available on like… the Japanese version of Singles and shit. Isolating the bassline and string melody and twining them around a supple R&B-inflected, glossified hot-pants beat, the only man in the world with both Jarvis Cocker and Kelis on his Hotmail contacts list shows us how he roll.

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