It’s the End of Old Girl as we Know ‘er

it’s the end of old girl as we know ‘er

this Sunday,
all the clocks stop at 12:01
Madonna hangs
on a Disco Crucifix
a lamb dies, stillborn

to the delight of Gawker(s)
and the horror of onlookers
shrill, shriekred-haired Maddy
bonethin in unpalatable neon
expires the attention-span
where once she
excited the aspirations, &

what next, love?
more terrible movies?
a fake British accent?
terrible Eurohouse album?


& it’s a long, long
way from paradise, or
the Paradise Garage, even.


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“This heat has got / Right out of hand”

Again, for the Lord Soto :

Bananarama - Cruel Summer 12″

Including the 12″ Remix / Summer Dub / Cairo. Now, dear, I haven’t even listened to this - so let me know if the transfer has any skips / pops / errors and omissions.

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“Cause everything you said / Went right straight to my head”

For Alfred:

Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (Larry Levan 12″ Mix)

Party Mix has followed. Be warned - my copy of the 12″ was run over by several trucks loaded with chickens who had the runs. It is scratchiosolicious.

Edit : Apparently, there is a 2001 ATOC remix of this. Anybody got it, you know where to find me…

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WTF Authentic?

What bothered me most was the invocation of authenticity as the measure by which music is to be critiqued. If you’re going to look at it from that perspective, the most authentic song is, “Ugh!” It was sung by men in loincloths, bashing each other with clubs. Everything since then is just a variation on “Ugh!” So what is “authentic” art?

- Harry Belafonte, in interview with Michael Eldridge from 2003.

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Word for the Day


Discuss, loves.

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Prince Week! Everybody Drop and Gimme Ten.

It’s Prince Week over at Dilated Choonz. But isn’t every week Prince Week? Sure. But that’s no reason not to get your ass over there and download these exclusives. Bonus points for the Controversy poster. That shit is hott with like 8 ‘t’s. Meanwhile, the neighbors are freaking out over “Don’t Fear the Reaper.”

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This Chicken’s Done Tore Up Her Nest

We love Loretta Lynn all the time. But today our anthem is “The Pill.” “I’m tearin’ down your brooder house / ‘Cause now I’ve got the pill.”

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A Good Husband, a Good Son, and a Good Friend…

Gotta love some horse head fiddle.

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Sitting Alone in the Lotus Position

My incorrigible love of all things Momus has been well-documented, but the latest track of his that I can’t stop listening to is an odd one. Having acquired the classic and out-of-print albums The Poison Boyfriend, Don’t Stop the Night, and Voyager, I’ve been rocking all those out no doubt, but my current jam is from his 20 Vodka Jellies outtakes collection : “Howard Hughes.” Alledgedly modelled after Nirvana, it sounds a good deal more like the Pixies (hmmm…), but strained through the Momo-pop filter. However you slice it it rocks a good deal harder than just about anything the man has done, but in that oh-so-fey manner that only he can pull off. I’d say we need more cats like Momus out there, but that misses the point - we need only the one. “Let’s form a band and make it huge / Grow your hair long like Howard Hughes.” Indeed.

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After a Storm, there Must be a Calm

Desmond Dekker has died, of an apparent heart attack last night.  Both the original ska rude bwoy and the voice behind “The Israelites,” possibly one of the most moving songs ever written about the trials of a long-suffering people.  Please take a moment today to remember the first great voice of Jamaican music.

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