Atomic Ritual
Liquor and Poker

i’ve got an urge that I accept/ Live in the moment...everything’ alright…now or never”
– Nebula, “Now or Never”

Existence is a series of actions, each one negating the preceding. Individuals are not free, however their actions negate the actions of other individuals as well as their own. Because individuals are not free there is no basis for imposing a moral logic on the series of actions comprising an individual existence. On an individual level it is impossible for every set of existential conflicts to be resolved with congruent moral narratives. This is an evil record.

“Stand/ Don’t you know that you are free? Well at least in your mind, if you want to be”
– Sly & the Family Stone, “Stand”

Stoner fans will know that the Vertigo label’s emblem was an ever-decreasing circle. The career of Jesus the carpenter was an attempt to produce an antidote to the screw. Last week due to an abscessed tooth I spent the night awake in extreme physical pain, then it stopped and I realised that had I died the first people to be notified wouldn’t find out for months. All of my movements have been in ever-decreasing circles. Geographically I have moved to the most distant point and am plotting a course of return. Financially I am ascending towards tenuous solvency. Socially I am retreating from a quantifiable accomplished identity through a period of moral and perceptual indeterminacy towards complete passivity in terms of definition. Existence = process of nullification that which sustains it? In the future everyone will be famous for as long as they are alive. Somewhere there is an average life expectancy of 15 minutes.

“Well I discovered that this life that was getting’ to me/ Was not really mine/ If it was mine/ I’d have fun all the time”
– Funkadelic, “Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow”

Punks are Islington lawyers now. I was smoking dope with one yesterday. He was seriously pissed off when I put Van Halen on. I asked what was wrong with it, and apparently it didn’t say anything to him about his life, unlike Stiff Little Fingers. A machetero of the abstraction thicket, I attempted to maximise the cane harvest and said “but what does it SOUND like?” “Clean.” This record is better than Room on Fire like U2 was better than Television. Punks hated Van Halen more than they hated Pink Floyd. Fear of dirt is an obsession with death. Nobody really wants Jim Morrison to be dead because he invented New Wave and that’s the sound that’s happening now. Stiff Little Fingers recontextualised the counter-reformation at the root of the Sex Pistols’ rejection of the anarcho-syndicalism of Van Halen. “Religion” was a response to “Runnin’ With the Devil.” Dispensing drugs to affluent professionals is a good way to guarantee legal representation if necessary, though I am reluctant to test this assertion. Perhaps that’s the lie at the heart of attempting to listen to music.

“Please get some medication, it’s simple. Simple. ”
– Rev. Jim Jones

The killer took a mask from the ancient gallery and he walked on down the hall. The cleaner noticed this but the killer was unconcerned because the cleaner had no documents and had another job, singing for Mazzy Star. ‘Simon Moon’ was the name of a film character who had “no thought processes”. U2 devoured Television and the Strokes devoured U2 by integrating Rory Gallagher. Van Halen’s “I’m the One” confirmed the continuum that Gallagher was outside of through juxtaposition of antitheticals thus predicting a future they could exclude themselves from. “Freeing one’s mind” can also free it from its corpus. When Bono met Bush he asked that Nirvana be stricken from existence. This record is better than (What’s the Story) Morning Glory.

“I am one I am none
I love that which loves not”

- Nebula, “The Beast”
Reviewed by: Dave Queen
Reviewed on: 2003-12-05
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