2007 Year-End Thoughts
Notes Towards A Supreme Criticism

Reviewed by: Alfred Soto
Reviewed on: 2007-10-31

Posted 10/31/2007 - 05:06:11 AM by lawson:
 Thanks Alfred, for helping me to understand why I write on music, and what that means for my relationship to music. "Consumption is not thinking".
Posted 11/04/2007 - 04:48:03 PM by loafsta:
 I suppose one cold comfort I'll enjoy upon losing Stylus is that I'm less likely to stumble upon the artless, contrived prose of Alfred Soto. Perhaps if Stylus had jettisoned hacks like him years ago, it would have grown into a sustainable phenomenon. (Probably too much to hope that the Voice will wise up, but at least they seem to have more assertive editors). I'll miss Stylus, I won't miss Soto.
Posted 11/05/2007 - 12:33:51 AM by terrorist:
 Guy writes a stirring kiss-off and you slam him for it loafsta the drone-on? Alfred, the collocative penumbra of your reviews never permitted me a schism to celebrate in the flowerbeds of verbal lobotomy, I`ve been interning the in-jokes` celebrant for a tipple of last minutitis; pleasure here was never half as far as Kubla Khan`s decree. Bottoms up to your colleage Mike Powell for tumblin` wit ya over the fumbles transcendent. Bloog on tranquility; may Alfred soto voce in the petals.
Posted 11/10/2007 - 04:48:51 AM by Warren:
 Ah dude, I just read the infamous 'Our love to Admire' review. I'm dying to see the 86(!) comments but the 'WebMarshal' at work has denied me access due to the offensive language triggered. Although I like Interpol I hosed myself throughout. Your analogy with Duran Duran probably left many an Interpol fan’s lips in perpetual motion, and although its obvious that you truly admire DD for not just their good(bad) haircuts (and so do I), I can’t help but wonder if you used that comparison deliberately to fuel such a response. Lol either way Anyway a belated and sad farewell to Stylus. Little over a year ago I searched for a review on The Cure’s Disintegration and found your On Second Thought review. Up until then I only saw hardcopy publications as the authorative voice on ‘rockcrit’ting. So thank you stylus for opening my eyes to a much less contrived no-strings-attached medium. I feel safe now knowing that I will never again be conned by another NME payola driven raving about an average ‘next big thing’ band.