Future Rock

Reviewed by: Nick Southall
Reviewed on: 2007-08-02

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Posted 08/02/2007 - 08:12:35 AM by florenz6:
 Though it was released from Kranky, it took its time before I put the record into my cd-player: calling a project "Future Rock" was a bit pompous in my eyes, no matter of the possible irony involved! But then I started to like the music (with all its fragilities and dreamlike qualities) very much - and this review is a first class- description of a lot of the things happening in Mr. Dickow┬┤s soulful laboratory!
Posted 08/02/2007 - 08:38:25 AM by florenz6:
 P.S. ... and, well, yeah, I would like to know a name of a club in Europe that plays this music!