Pocket Symphony

Reviewed by: Derek Miller
Reviewed on: 2007-03-07

Posted 03/07/2007 - 09:22:11 AM by smwynne:
 I am a fig fan of Moon Safari, Virgin Suicides, and 10,000 hz Legend - but this shit is majorly fucking boring.
Posted 03/07/2007 - 10:43:53 AM by Brooon:
 I've not heard the album, but I like the review Mr Miller.
Posted 03/07/2007 - 12:43:45 PM by Richie_A:
 I think this is a touch harsh, but still close enough to the mark.. there are some very pretty moments on this album but it suffers from a stifling lack of energy overall. I agree that 10,000Hz Legend was their best record (and the one with the most potential to drag them out of the easy listening\background music bracket) but the puzzled reaction to it back when it came out seemed to scare them away from that route, unfortunately.. The problem with this one is that it has almost nothing for the pop fans, very little from the experimental\weirdness angle and not much that's comfortable enough to work as just plain mood music.. it seems to all fall between the various brackets.
Posted 03/07/2007 - 08:12:57 PM by idunnowhy:
 haha're a little hard on Air as a band, but this album certainly doesn't deserve any praise. why even bother to steal brian wilson's term "pocket symphony" if you're not gonna do anything cool with it?
Posted 03/19/2007 - 11:56:18 AM by cwperry:
 I think it's not so much that the album is bad as that it doesn't live up to people's expectations. Taking it at face value, I quite enjoy it and like it more than most 2007 releases I've heard so far--even if it is a benign affair.
Posted 03/24/2007 - 09:17:49 PM by boselecta:
 I think this is their most consistent album since Moon safari, although my favourite is still Premiere Symptomes. Air are cursed with having created the best music of the past ten years, thus the bar for them is higher than for anyone else. Giving this album a D+ is farcical. It's sad to think some people might be warned off hearing this beautiful piece of work by your lack of patience and confused snobbery. It's typical that a reviewer would harp on about 10,000 Hz Legend as being their best simply because it was panned at the time. You, sir, are the boring one.
Posted 05/22/2007 - 03:51:53 PM by phonyartist:
 This album blows. I tried liking it but it lacks appeal even after multiple listening. It's their worst effort. It deserves the D grade. C'mon chaps, we expect more from Air.