Reviewed by: Todd Hutlock
Reviewed on: 2006-10-25

Posted 10/25/2006 - 12:56:57 PM by Zarklephaser:
 Anyone heard the theory that the first Sonic Youth album a listener hears will always be his favorite? Well, I think that holds true for Clinic even more so. That's why Winchester is my favorite, I guess. I like Internal Wrangler somewhat, and I haven't really connected with Walking with Thee at all. But Winchester is still tops.
Posted 10/25/2006 - 06:36:34 PM by Richie_A:
 I agree that this is better than Winchester Cathedral, but it's starting to sound like a tired old formula and that's sad for a band that seemed so fresh and exciting 6 years ago. It seems to be very hard for them to break out of the constraints imposed by their limited palette of sounds.. or else the quality control isn't the same as it used to be. This is a solid album but there's nothing to rival the likes of Distortions (the epic that you said they were uncapable of unleashing!), The Second Line or Goodnight Georgie on it.