Ghostface Killah

Def Jam
Reviewed by: Evan McGarvey
Reviewed on: 2006-03-28

Posted 03/28/2006 - 12:13:04 PM by venezuelan1:
 I knew this album was going to be rediculous. Everyone's favorite chronicler of urban paranoia. I saw him in Baltimore with a posse of about 30 people on stage. At the end of the show he had all the women in the audience come up on stage and dance. The men were grinding with all of them so hard that it was borderline molestation. But no one cared, not even the women. Ghostface's charisma is that strong. All hail Tony Starks.
Posted 11/30/2006 - 02:38:58 PM by dougrokakis:
 This album really hasn't aged very well for me. I thought it was going to be one of my favorite LP's of the year, but it just hasn't stood up to repeated plays. The album is just too long with way too many filler cuts.