2005 Year End Thoughts
Derek Miller

A +1 To See Caribou
Reviewed by: Derek Miller
Reviewed on: 2005-12-27

Posted 12/27/2005 - 12:47:19 AM by bobble:
 I dont know if I should say sorry or congrats..... but happy new year?!
Posted 12/27/2005 - 08:56:03 AM by bj_randolph:
 I think what makes popular music the most difficult medium to critique objectively, and what causes debates over the merits of one act or album or song versus another to devolve into mudslinging intellectual cul-de-sacs (q.v. any comment section on this site, particularly for year-end best-of lists or positive reviews of disposable pop) is that popular music, more than any other art form, becomes indelibly tied to personal experiences, a phenomenon we might term "soundtracking". This, I would surmise, is because popular music (and music in general, but especially popular) can perform it's function in the background, working its magic subliminally while our attention is directed primarily elsewhere. This doesn't really work with books, movies, etc., because they require too much of our consciousness focused upon them.

Allow me to preface the point I'm getting at, and for all this lead-in it's a rather simple one, by saying that I am acutely aware of the difficulty of conveying and reading sarcasm-vs.-sincerity within the faceless anonymity of an online post, and that this comment is typed with the utmost sincerity, because I was genuinely moved by this piece.

I wish more music writing was this self-indulgent.

Posted 12/27/2005 - 10:37:46 AM by MEKsLP:
 Nice article Derek; good work.
Posted 12/27/2005 - 10:47:16 AM by zfazzio:
Posted 12/27/2005 - 01:57:53 PM by pabanks46:
 When Stylus goes MySpace, on the next pabanks46!
Posted 12/27/2005 - 06:04:06 PM by cwperry:
 Mr. Miller: I really appreciated your article. Its themes were not entirely unfamiliar to me. Aside from that, I want to address a comment made above by bj_randolph that personal experience is inextricably linked with music. One way to get around this is to dole out albums to reviewers in such a way that people don't always get to review artists whose music means a lot to that critic on a personal level. I once worked on a staff of reviewers, and it was common for us to say, "No, you'd better review this one--I've loved that band for 10 years and there's no way I could be objective." Now, for features like some that Stylus has (Playing God; On Second Thought) you need a reviewer with a strong knowledge of the group in question. But if it's just new releases we're talking about, there are tons of 'em each week and the lack of objectivity can be easily avoided. Of course, some will say this will result only in negative reviews, but I know firsthand that it isn't always the case. And then there's always Tom Petty's hilarious comment (I paraphrase, and include this only for fun--not suggestion): "Critics should have to pay for the albums they review. You try harder to like something when you've paid for it."
Posted 12/27/2005 - 08:27:10 PM by MonsterKids:
 "Anything that throbbed or glistened was in my ears." Your article was indeed touching, but this one phrase made me think you wanted to insert an erect penis into your ear canal. And that grossed me out. Nevertheless, you make a great stand for injecting personal experience into music journalism and show precisely why a site like Coke Machine Glow comes off as so soulless and cold.
Posted 12/28/2005 - 01:54:06 AM by exgirl:
 Those of us who weren't invited to sit in the hearse pulled over anyhow, to realize that last year's jagged fingernails of chalkboard screeches are now black and building big, beautiful sandcastles. And 2006 will be entirely different, maybe even a casual scrawl on a flat, malleable surface unpocked by reflexive digs; just music lovers reading a music lover, loving on music and nothing else. It's a riff those of us who didn't buy Caribou can't (won't) hear, in that A+ kind of way. Trusting that you'll continue to write and live well, however that works out. Happy New Year.
Posted 12/28/2005 - 12:57:50 PM by darinfic:
 coincidentally, the last time i saw my exgirlfriend was when i dropped her off at home after spending a weekend in chicago with the main intention of going to see super furry animals and caribou. after that, i found myself listening to the diplomats' assorted releases almost exclusively. just recently have i started branching out again. take care and happy new year.