Shifting Gears

Reviewed by: Justin Cober-Lake
Reviewed on: 2005-10-05

Posted 10/05/2005 - 11:55:58 AM by mikeharper:
 Isn't this review a little inaccurate, if not disingenuous when it comes to what Z-Trip's been up to in recent years? I remember first hearing him with DJ Radar on the "Live at Future Primitive" CD they released sometime around 1998 or so. I'd imagine there are still copies of this floating around for sale, since it had pretty broad circulation. As for recent years, is there a point to omitting any mention of the song "Walking Dead" when it seemed to actually get radio play? Is it because of the fear of actually typing the words "Linkin Park" in the album review? As far as I can tell, the reviewer's decided every other song bears mentioning so it's conspicuous by absence! I thought, if anything, it showed that Z-Trip was able to connect the dots between Linkin Park and their obvious influences by dropping Depeche Mode-lite guitar samples.
Posted 10/05/2005 - 12:11:44 PM by badhaircut:
 Uneasy Listening is way underrated. Great stuff there. This album has some really great moments but not all the rappers are really up to the task and a turn in some kinda bland lyrics. "Walking Dead" is neither great nor as bad as the haters might want it to be... sounds like a pretty unremarkable Linkin Park track, unfortunately. "Take Two Copies" is really excellednt, if not for Busdrivers rhymes, then for the way that Z-Trip is able to make the track smoothly mutate into something completely different by its end. Really cool. And it's good to actually hear Chuck D on a track again. He's better suited to rapping than to doing radio talk shows and whatever else he's been doing for the last 5 years. If only that were really the end of the CD. The lonnnnnnng bonus track at the end is kinda, well... unnecessary.