Tender Buttons

Reviewed by: Jeff Siegel
Reviewed on: 2005-09-23

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Posted 09/23/2005 - 01:50:56 PM by dubidet:
 What? No Gertrude Stein ref? Still, yr pen has muscles.
Posted 09/23/2005 - 04:10:55 PM by TheBrad:
 Yeah, I have that book. Takes so long to read and it's thin as newspaper.
Posted 09/25/2005 - 03:49:59 PM by dubidet:
Posted 09/25/2005 - 10:38:54 PM by TheBrad:
Posted 10/20/2005 - 08:58:56 PM by ieatseeds:
 Why do I get the feeling you two are the same person? Or brothers? I didn't want to get this album. But now that I've heard it, I'm glad I did. There's nothing outrageous here, but, I just shrug as I listen to it as a huge understatement. Really, in its simplicity there is a great magnitude. BOOOO. This comment stinks.