Paul Anka
Rock Swings

Reviewed by: Bjorn Randolph
Reviewed on: 2005-07-12

Posted 07/12/2005 - 03:59:14 PM by bassman08:
 He did "Teen Spirit" on Letterman a few weeks ago. Once I figured out that he was coving it in the first place I declared that this guy has no buinsness doing thia shit whatsoever. It was the most lifeless, boring, and un-imaginitive thing I have seen on a Late Night show in a while (well, unless you count Jay Leno...). Whoever would willingly listen to this crap needs to prehaps sit down and re-examine their musical tastes. Why listen to a bastardizations of these songs when you can just listen to the real things? The whole concept puzzles me to no end.
Posted 07/13/2005 - 05:44:32 AM by andrew:
 I saw that on Letterman too, and felt ill. Then immediately thought of Frank Bennett, a guy who did it ten years ago, and did it better (although still crap). This was in Australia, so maybe no-one else saw him... but he should sue the arse off Anka, just for fun.