Bob Drake
The Shunned Country

Reviewed by: Mario Quadracci
Reviewed on: 2005-06-06

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Posted 06/06/2005 - 01:18:32 PM by hunky_dory:
 This is total plagiarism. Pitchfork's review (see link below) of this record is identical in concept, and even some of the phrasing is the same, most notably the bit about how no one is willing to talk about the dynamiting of the graveyard. This may be unavoidable in some respects because the reviews deal with the same subject, but come on, Stylus. Have you no fact checkers or copy editors? Awful. Reprehensible, even. Congratulations. You have your very own Jayson Blair or Stephen Glass.
Posted 06/06/2005 - 03:19:04 PM by cwperry:
 This album is doomed to be in my collection. Why? Well, when I read Pitchfork's review, I didn't understand it (i.e., it said NOTHING about the music); now, I read Stylus's review, and while it comes closer, I still don't understand it. So, when I see this thing in the store, it will automatically have far more mystique surrounding it than it probably deserves, which will inevitably ensure my attraction to it. I'll buy a used copy for $8 (on vinyl, if available, but it'll have excessive popping and hiss, like the used Destroyer album I bought under identical conditions), play it once, claim I love it, play it again, then file it and forget about it.
Posted 06/06/2005 - 05:19:01 PM by IanMathers:
 Well, both Blair and Glass made shit up when they were supposed to be reporting on the real world, as opposed to copying something. I was very concerned when I read your post, hunky_dory, but having now gone over and read the Pitchfork review I have to say I just don't see it. Both of them quote from the lyrics quite a bit, occasionally using the same lines, and both have similar concepts, although I don't think they're identical.