Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

Reviewed by: Mark Edwards
Reviewed on: 2004-12-14

Posted 12/14/2004 - 06:58:30 AM by ColinCooper:
 I've never been in such a dilemma about whether or not to buy an album until now.
Posted 12/14/2004 - 07:22:35 AM by scottmckeating:
 I am so looking forward to this arriving, though i'm not 100% sure that a beefier mix is what it needs. I'd say this is essential for anyone with ears.
Posted 12/14/2004 - 12:17:05 PM by MarkEdwards:
 I too was worried about the beefier sound but it really works. The band themselves state, on the accompanying interview, that they prefer the US mix on about 75% of the songs.
Posted 12/31/2004 - 03:29:30 PM by J_R_K_:
 This is record I almost always loan out to people. Before Death Cab and Jimmy Eat World were on MTV and the OC, I listened to "emo". Upon hearing the Holy Bible, I realized emo bands were whiny bitches and snapped out of it. These songs actual pain articulated beyond most misanthropes ability. Some shock rockers have lyrics that mean to incite. They never ended a song like "Of Walking Abortion" by yelling "Who is responsible? You fucking are!" eight times. Those bands always place the blame on something else and play bland industrial drivel. Bullshit. I'm going to watch Peep Show now.
Posted 03/11/2005 - 01:13:13 PM by bassman08:
 I was worried that this wasn'g going to come out in the US. I'm glad that FINALLY someone at Epic decided to have the balls to release it, because I just bought it Tuesday and I can't stop listening to it. Too bad the Manics turned all square after this album though.