Purple Haze

Reviewed by: David Drake
Reviewed on: 2004-12-10

Posted 05/01/2006 - 06:47:42 PM by pelicaine:
 I think you gave this album an overblown score. Quite honestly, it deserved a straight-up C. The man can select a beat. Seems like he has an ear for that. That's important. Good beats are key. And so are lyrics. Cam can rhyme, but he doesn't make sense most of the time. Some of these songs shouldn't have seen the other side of the hard drive. "Intro" is the only track where the lyrics make sense from start to finish. Juelz overstayed his welcome on "More Gangsta Music" with some dumb lyrics. Kanye should have kept his mouth shut in "Down and Out". Jim Jones showed up Cam on "The Dope Man". And Cam knows how to ruin a climax by putting that mixtape BS "Take Em to Church" after "Dip-Set Forever". There are more examples, but why bother. If you listened harder, you would have found them. But Mr. Drake, why JUST a B+? Seems like you had no gripes. You're holding out. Was it the length of the CD. 'Cuz it was frickin' long and a bit of a chore midway in. Note to Cam: Edit "Killa Season" stricter than you did this one.