Kings of Leon
Aha Shake Heartbreak

Handmedown / RCA
Reviewed by: Mark Edwards
Reviewed on: 2004-11-17

Posted 11/17/2004 - 02:34:52 AM by clem_bastow:
 I dunno, I reckon 'Four Kicks' and 'Day Old Blues' are pretty skip-back-able.
Posted 11/17/2004 - 03:53:35 AM by MarkEdwards:
 Yeah, I've listened to this album a lot more since I wrote the review and think I was actually under-generous in my praise. For one thing, it reminds me more and more of 'Surfer Rosa', and there are some skip-backable songs, esp 'Soft', 'Day Old Blues' and 'The Bucket'. I still think, though, that the album works best as a whole. Every time I listen to it I feel a great rush of excitement, like I did when I first heard the Pixies, Strokes, Suede and Eminem. This is a classic, and I should have given it a 9.
Posted 11/17/2004 - 10:17:19 AM by Derek_Miller:
 I agree. I was trying to side-saddle you to review this one, Mark. I was pretty impressed by what strides they seemed to make on this one. When compared directly their last, that one now seems like white-bread boogie rock.
Posted 11/22/2004 - 02:19:28 AM by camo_king:
 wow...i must say i agree entirely with this review. i find myself waiting in anticipation for the album to end so i can start the whole experience again. i, like others, was worried that KOL would rely to much on Strokes comparisons, but they have definately produced something unique.