A Certain Ratio

Soul Jazz
Reviewed by: Todd Hutlock
Reviewed on: 2004-10-14

Posted 10/14/2004 - 03:58:37 AM by martin:
 Take the chance and dance...
Posted 10/14/2004 - 04:36:03 AM by fraew001:
 ..man, ACR have been an obvious name to drop around here in the last couple years; what with the dance-punk fad and all. love lucinda, the rest of the album hasn't really sunk in on me
Posted 10/14/2004 - 09:11:09 AM by hutlock:
 fraew001: just curious, but where is "here"? They certainly haven't been very high profile in the circles I run in, but then again, that's Cleveland... but I don't doubt that in better stocked places, they might be. I venture to say that we are the largest American city with the fewest record stores at this point.
Posted 10/14/2004 - 12:30:27 PM by burkhalter:
 Here in Seattle their name gets bandied about pretty heavily. Yeah, and it definitely has a lot to do with teh dance-punk fad too. But I'd never heard them before all that, so I guess there was an upshot after all....
Posted 10/14/2004 - 02:30:52 PM by mbloodyv:
 Hutlock: Unless you count the Bent Crayon.....which i don't b/c i dislike the place for various/many reasons. Whatever happened to Platter Puss? Or even My Generation? Is that place in business anymore? (I've been out of town for a year) Those places weren't perfect, but at least they were there.....
Posted 10/14/2004 - 03:16:25 PM by hutlock:
 I don't count Bent Crayon either... Platter Puss = under new ownership and I don't know what their story is now. My Minds Eye is cool, but Charles still doesn't take credit cards! As for My Gen, this should tell you everything you need to know: http://www.stylusmagazine.com/feature.php?ID=884
Posted 10/14/2004 - 06:00:42 PM by fraew001:
 here is christchurch, new zealand. thanks to the shocking pinks, and other similarly focused outfits..