Ta Det Lugnt

Subliminal Sounds
Reviewed by: Kyle McConaghy
Reviewed on: 2004-10-11

Posted 05/24/2005 - 04:10:10 PM by chronic2000:
 it is an honor to be the first person to have posted a review for this album (good review by the way, kyle) -- it is probably the best album of the millenium thus far; i have already bought tickets to see them at intonation fest in chicago, and i live about one thousand miles from chicago in the deep south, and dont have a lot of money to do such things, but am doing it anyway because i didnt want to miss dungen's first announced show in the u.s. gustav estjes is a prodigy in the same league as jimmy page, and the fact that this album is that great without my ability to understand one word of it is a testament to the strength of the music on "ta det lugnt". i practically shit myself everytime i realize am going to chicago to see these guys in july -- another realization of "soilworthy status" is the fact that gustav is ONLY 24, and is arranging all this brilliance single-handedly, for the most part. although bloc party and death from above 1979 are all the rage right now, i think these bands dont even hold a candle to dungen.
Posted 10/09/2005 - 06:45:57 PM by J_R_K_:
 just saw them live at the empty bottle. really impressive.