Wolf Eyes
Burned Mind

Sub Pop
Reviewed by: Mike Shiflet
Reviewed on: 2004-10-04

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Posted 10/05/2004 - 03:18:03 PM by dubidet:
 I consider myself a fan of these guys, yet I own only one recording by them (the fantastic Dead Hills picture-disc). Hmm. I always thought of WEyes in the same drawer as Borbetomagus, Merzbow, or Massonna: One record's e'nuff. Not that they're a one-trick pony; they're more like a three- or four-trick pony. People like Kevin Drumm, and folks like Monotract and Nautical Almanac are doing so much more interesting work in the so-called noise field; it baffles me sometimes why WEyes gets so much attention. Sure, Olson's funny and did almost kill himself w/ a medieval weapon (@ NOFUNFEST?), but there really isn't that much there when you look closely. ---Only those 'Dr. Pad' drum-machine BUMPS (insert fist in air here), broken electronic fizz, and contact-mic in dilloway's mouth screams. Hardly as full a bag of tricks as, say, Black Dice (who've crapped out, too), or Gang Gang Dance (who're getting better than ACollective) even. All of which is pretty weird when you consider that WEyes is getting such +praise and 'garnered' a '9' here.
Posted 10/05/2004 - 11:43:48 PM by slothrop:
 It's music like this where a clear distinction between theoretical and actual enjoyment needs to be established. Sure, Wolf Eyes is doing some interesting things with eardrum melting noise textures, but are they listenable? I had the unfortunate experience of seeing them open for Sonic Youth, and it's extremely difficult to imagine ever wanting to sit down and throw an album such as this on. In between trying to plug my ears and wanting to die, I managed to glance up at the crowd: legions of hipsters seemingly appreciated the expansion of their threshold for pain and despair, or those (the majority) who looked like they had just bumbled into a murder-suicide by mistake. Wolf Eyes is...grisly.
Posted 10/06/2004 - 12:52:12 AM by holystoning:
 ...but anyone reading this should be able to hear the light.

Just thought this was a great turn of phrase, Mike.

Posted 10/06/2004 - 10:08:29 AM by shiflet:
 dubidet, while i agree that all those bands deserve praise - and several have gotten more than their fair share - i don't see how giving some to wolf eyes is taking any away from them. also the fact you've only heard the one record shows in your assesment of their sound. they're constantly evolving. and like the review says, i can't recommend the new one enough. there's a lot more texture and feedback, and the production is really ace as well. slothrop, sorry you feel that way, but i'll let the record state that my enjoyment of them is far from theoretical. if you don't like it that's fine, but to dismiss anyone who does as posing is just asinine. it's an age-old write-off, and a really stupid one. i listen to wolf eyes and *gasp* even more "unlistenable" noise all the time. grisly is a good adjective though. i wish i'd have used it.
Posted 10/06/2004 - 02:20:27 PM by dubidet:
 Hey, I didn't say that I'd heard only one recording; I said I "owned" only one recording. And having heard nearly ALL of their stuff, I certainly wouldn't declare, as you did, that they are "constantly evolving". The only difference in each WEyes release is what is brought up in the mix, or how they might decide to go the "nuance" route and eschew terrorism. The solo projects of Dilloway and Olson (not to mention Universal Indians and Dr. Gretchen's Weightlifting Program)are---IMO---superior outlets for these guys. Just opinion, mind you---not attack. My "bafflement"---which is real and honest---is really kinda baffling: I like/love a lot of "noise" artists, and would like to see more intelligent criticism applied to them and their work. I just think that---sometimes---there's a little "grade-inflation" going on w/ these misanthropes in the back of the classroom. Nothing more, nothing less. And, good piece, btw.
Posted 10/06/2004 - 04:39:34 PM by shiflet:
 universal indians' 'sloth nest' is one of my all-time faves. no doubt better than anything wolf eyes has done, but i wouldn't say the same of all their side projects though, some are def better than others. as far as grade inflation, i think i can safely say i enjoy and will listen to this more often than albums i've given 7's or 8's.
Posted 10/31/2004 - 02:14:25 PM by meatbreak:
 This is a nauseating, malicious, trance-inducing filth-hound of a record, which deserves all the praise it gets.