The Delgados
Universal Audio

Chemikal Underground
Reviewed by: William B. Swygart
Reviewed on: 2004-09-20

Posted 09/21/2004 - 11:08:21 AM by MarkEdwards:
 I've never listened to The Delgados but would like to after reading this review. iTunes has two of their albums available - Hate and The Great Eastern. Which would you recommend I download first?
Posted 09/22/2004 - 09:20:40 AM by jimhart3000:
 I tend to think that if the first three tracks on The Great Eastern don't sell you, then you'll never like the band, so I would go with that album first. Hate is a great album, but I think it takes a few more listens to get into than Eastern does. And I think Eastern is more consistent.
Posted 09/22/2004 - 09:37:47 AM by edwardo:
 The Great Eastern is probably not as good as Hate, Universal Audio or even Peloton. I'd say definitely get Hate first because "The Drowning Years" is their crowning achievement and all ten tracks are great - particularly the sequence from "All You Need Is Hate" to "Favours" which is a run of six faultless tracks pretty much unmatched by any of their peers. The Great Eastern always struck me as a bit messy and uneven but the second half of the album is exceptional - "Witness", "Make Your Move" and "Aye Today" in particular. I don't really think I'd want to start listening to The Delgados with "The Past That Suits You Best" as the first taste, either.
Posted 09/25/2004 - 01:16:43 AM by BeeOKay:
 I don’t know about that, I think [I]The Great Eastern[/I] is their classic and I don’t think they will ever top it, IMO. This article has open my eyes to this album because I was a bit put off at first. As you hear it more and more it revels itself and might end up being one of the best albums released this year, good job William.
Posted 09/25/2004 - 11:59:33 AM by IanMathers:
 "Witness" = best song ever, but I think overall Hate is a bit stronger as an album. Certainly it has a better opener (and I _like_ "The Past That Suits You Best").
Posted 09/25/2004 - 07:05:50 PM by WBSwygart:
 It does rather need pointing out that Domestiques, Peloton and The BBC Sessions are all exceedingly well worth a listen, and anyone thinking that they can get by solely on the three most recent albums is missing out on rather a large amount of gloriousness.
Posted 10/18/2004 - 05:31:28 PM by IanMathers:
 Having finally obtained this... I think 9/10 is underselling it a little. Utterly brilliant.
Posted 10/26/2004 - 03:42:39 PM by lovezero:
 this is an exaggerated album, go back and listen to Great Eastern album...