Arve Henriksen

Rune Grammofon
Reviewed by: Ed Howard
Reviewed on: 2004-07-30

Posted 07/30/2004 - 02:10:24 PM by florenz6:
 I´m a music journalist from Germany, and I play a lot of "rune grammofon" records on air, and I have, over the recent years, been particularly impressed, by the trumpet player and singer Arve Henriksen. On "Chiaroscuro", I don´t miss the hard edges of "Supersilent - Arve Henriksen has created a thrilling and adventurous record, full of empty spaces, breath, rich melodic textures and surprises. This is deeply moving music, a wonderful mixture of nordic ambient music, free improviosation and jazz elements. Surely one of my favourite records of 2004, along with Wilco, the new Fripp-Eno-collaboration, and the forthcoming cd "Unspeakable" of guitarist Bill Frisell.
Posted 08/01/2004 - 04:19:06 PM by CatBox:
 just a slight note that the "female vocals" mentioned in reality is Arve Henriksen singing. I watched Supersilent perform twice, and he really - amazingly - is able to sing that way.