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Top Ten Current Favourite Footballers

By: Nick Southall

Posted 04/14/2004 - 05:56:31 AM by DomPassantino:
 Where's Josh Low?
Posted 04/14/2004 - 09:28:03 AM by d.a.boyfriend:
 This is quite literally the biggest waste of Stylus column inches yet. I mean what the fuck does this have to do with music or film or culture or anything? It's bloody football! If I wanted to know what the condescending Mr. Southall thought of footie ("I know none of you know anything about football" indeed -- nice attitude), or inside jokes between him and Dom (verrrrry professional indeed), I would just go read his blog or whatever. Come on Stylus, surely you aren't the place for this type of crap. You're better than that.
Posted 04/14/2004 - 11:23:24 AM by I_fear_Satan:
 You have Totti and Cassano but you leave out Shevchenko and Del Piero ? er... If you had to pick a player from Man U it should have been Van Nistelroy maybe Roy Keane 3 years ago. No Nedved ? No Zidane ? No Carlos ? Ronaldinho couldn't even score against the scum (Celtic) to keep Barca in the UEFA cup. I agree with KaKa and Terry but I think Emerson is more important to Roma than Mancini. Also no Raul ? Next years list will have Jean-Alain Boumsong anyway ! Come on the Gers !
Posted 04/14/2004 - 11:38:32 AM by Van_Basten:
 It is a fine list. Even though I am a fan of Milan, Adriano is one of the finest footballers today. Also, what about Van Der Vaart, Zidane, Saviola, and the continuosly overlooked Raul?
Posted 04/14/2004 - 01:32:09 PM by DomPassantino:
 "This is quite literally the biggest waste of Stylus column inches yet." You never read Ask A Girl, then?
Posted 04/14/2004 - 01:33:07 PM by DomPassantino:
 And, anyway, as much of an I-tie as I am, Del Piero should not be on any top ten list until he stops choking on the big stage. He's succesfully fucked up in four of the last five major international tournaments.
Posted 04/14/2004 - 02:17:17 PM by d.a.boyfriend:
 Ask A Girl at least has (well, usually) something to do with music and the culture that surrounds it. Not to mention, it is written in response to questions posed by Stylus readers -- and therefore, it has EVERYTHING to do with Stylus and its community. It's practically interactive. This is just a fucking sports column! What's next? Gavin Mueller's Top 10 Favorite World Series Game Sevens Ever? Ron Schepper's Top 10 Most Impressive Hockey Fights?
Posted 04/14/2004 - 03:39:20 PM by mwalker:
 no figo? SCOFF!
Posted 04/14/2004 - 06:05:40 PM by fraew001:
 d.a. - its a free online fanzine for fucks suck, shut your mouth or start your OWN website.. its not as if it takes away from the rest of the site, is it?
Posted 04/14/2004 - 06:59:01 PM by DeSandro:
 For us American indie-snobs, we really enjoy your football. It further separates us from the American football meat-heads that we hate. I'm guessing Mr. Southall just wanted to keep us up to date.
Posted 04/15/2004 - 09:40:22 PM by BryanNeil:
 This article is great because it's not about music. Which is the same reason Ask A Girl was great. Football players are hot (the calves, it's all about the calves), and we only read articles about music we already like anyway.
Posted 04/19/2004 - 05:44:08 PM by P_Parrish:
 "Where's Josh Low?" Previously of Oldham? Has someone explained to him what tackling is yet? This list is missing the mighty David Eyres, clearly.