The Love Song: The Stylus Non-Definitive Guide

By: Stylus Staff

Posted 02/09/2004 - 08:38:42 PM by jimhart3000:
 Great list. Unfortunately you posted it while Lisa Oliver's valentines mix tape contest is still open. Now when I put "Temptation" on there, it'll just look like I'm cribbing from your list... ah well...
Posted 02/10/2004 - 10:25:32 PM by Charli:
 Wow. Too many songs that you guys passed over. Artists such as Joseph Arthur, Jeff Buckley, Hawksley Workman, Ed Harcourt and Josh Rouse have cornered the market on modern and most importantly not crappy love songs. Arthur- "In The Sun" & "Honey & the Moon". Workman- "Stop Joking Around". Buckley: "Last Goodbye","Everybody Here Wants You","Vancouver". Harcourt-"Apple of My Eye", "Bleed a River Deep", "Birds will Sing for Us", "Beneath the Heart of Darkness". Rouse- "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure", "Love Vibrations", "Sunshine", "Women and Men". Just to name a few. Otherwise, great article!
Posted 02/11/2004 - 06:12:40 AM by secretbruises:
 thank you thank you.