On Second Thought
The Police - Outlandos D’Amour

By: Todd Burns

Posted 12/20/2004 - 03:51:28 PM by graveljp:
 Todd, how many times did you actually listen to this album before reviewing it ? I don't mean to me rude, but man... Take your review of Be My Girl Sally, "an upbeat pop number with Sting’s exhortations to a woman to “Be my girl” There is an abrupt cut after this lyric is repeated an absurd number of times, which almost sounds as if it is a mistake. A tinkling piano comes in and a spoken word piece begins in the middle of the song. It details a beautiful woman who has become the voice’s (Andy Summer’s, I believe) special person for affection. In a special magazine he finds an imported toy that is inflatable. It’s an altogether silly interlude that ends after a minute, underlying the fact that this three minute song is mainly a vehicle for this skit." Didn't it even come to your mind that Sally was an inflatable sex doll ? Now the silly interlude makes a lot more sense, doesn't it ?!