Movie Review
King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

By: David Holmes

Posted 10/18/2007 - 10:38:54 AM by diemythtruth:
 alas, if only it were such a black and white story..! i haven't seen the film but last month's Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine had a little expose on the michael moore-ish editing hatchet job done on billy mitchell's "character." apparently - again i haven't seen the film - he was largely mis-represented and in one instance it's portrayed that two of his lackeys broke and entered weibe's mother's house to check if his kong machine had been tampered with. that's what the film leads you to believe when, in reality, the two men were invited in, served coffee, and had a poke around the machine no questions asked. it would be wonderful to believe mitchell as some egomaniacal freak with patriotic ties. there might be some truth to that. but then, to accept his opponent's everyman virtuosity in light of the manipulation of the material is a bit much, according to what i've read. shades of pixelated grey. i'll still see the film though, sounds good, well, good enough.
Posted 10/18/2007 - 01:36:02 PM by cwperry:
 I've seen 28 new documentaries in theatres this year, and this is easily in the top five. I can't recommend it enough. It goes well beyond video games and into a compelling examination of human nature. And thinking viewers will be able to deduce the Mitchell story as diemytruth tells it above. Mitchell is still a royal ass.
Posted 10/19/2007 - 05:39:21 PM by diemythtruth:
 high praise indeed. cwperry, amongst all those documentaries, have you had a chance to see Deep Water?? i loved that one...
Posted 10/24/2007 - 12:14:17 PM by cwperry:
 No, I sure haven't! But I shall check it out and put it on my list if the topic looks at all interesting. Thanks for the tip!
Posted 10/25/2007 - 08:51:17 AM by diemythtruth:
 oh man. i keep checking back to see if you'd replied because i think you might enjoy Deep Water! good luck.