Movie Review
Shadows (Senki)

By: Nancy Keefe Rhodes

Posted 03/08/2008 - 02:29:34 AM by jm4545:
 My post is referring to the last 2 paragraphs of Nancy Keefe Rhodes review about Senki. In an amazing display of ignorance and evidently without bothering to run a background check, Ms Rhodes has no problem participating in the artificial manufacturing of consent for a wholly fictitious genocide. Enough is enough. Shame on you Ms Rhodes for using Stylus Magazine to promote irredentist crap like that, as if the naming issue with Greece isn't enough. Technically and artistically the movie may or may not be great and touching, however this does not mean that it is honest in its portrayal of historical correctness. Stick to what know better Mrs Rhodes(review movies), and leave aside any of your 'expert' historical info that only damages the Stylus magazine's reputation and at the same time promotes the shameless propaganda.