Movie Review
Ghost Rider

By: Brad Luen

Posted 08/30/2007 - 10:21:13 AM by DeSandro:
 No mention of the special effects? For a movie whose protagonist is a skeleton on fire, I'd say they made quite an acheivement. It truly did look like the Ghost Rider. You can't say that much about the Hulk.
Posted 08/30/2007 - 12:49:57 PM by diemythtruth:
 have to disagree, hulk striding through the desert and thwapping the tank turret in his palm looked and (ahem) felt more like the "real thing" than any other superhero in modern movies. possible exception of wolverine but he was too tall and black leathery according to some. sure there were some awful cgi bits in hulk but rarely i hear complaints about the spiderman movies' awful video-game swinging graphics. ghost rider looks so bad as a movie that it's really impossible to care what the special effects look like, ya dig??
Posted 08/31/2007 - 10:37:14 AM by natakulata:
 why are we reviewing this shitty movie now? was there some quota for # of reviews that had to be filled? This movie was a disgrace to all who were involved, even by Nic Cage's standards. I'm ashamed that I watched enough of it to know how bad it is.
Posted 09/03/2007 - 08:24:53 AM by jhitting:
 Since when did plot summary pass for an essay? Get it?