On Second Thought
John Hartford - Aereo-Plain

By: Andrew Gaerig

Posted 08/06/2007 - 01:21:06 PM by The_Big_Crunch:
 I was lucky enough to have a friend burn a copy of this for me back in the late '90s, right when I was getting into bluegrass and old-time music. I didn't much care for it at first, and it often would only appear in my CD player once or twice a year beofre I quickly put it back. However, about three or four years ago, I took it on a road trip, and I guess the time was right because it really opened up for me. For a while after that I burned a seperate copy to keep in my car at all times. This one really is a criminally OOP album, because aside form the wonderful tunes and superb musicianship, it still is as whacky and out-of-leftfield as it was when it came out...alright, back then it was probably seen as far more oddball, but it's still a uniquely original album. Another point to be made was that the supporting musicians on this album are all legends in the world of acoustic music, including Tut Taylor, Norman Blake, Vassar Clements, and to a slightly lesser degree Randy Scruggs.
Posted 08/08/2007 - 07:03:45 PM by garlad1:
 Dang, how do the record stores inflate the prices like that on amazon? "was 16.85, now $177?". It's like they got a hookup with the last ebay sell or something. I looked up my copy of Ellen Foley's Spirit of St. Louis recently. 95 bucks, just cause it's OOP? That album ain't worth $20, and whoever's buying it is getting ripped like a first time homeowner locking a sub-prime loan in 2005.