The Diamond
George Michael - Faith

By: Jayson Greene

Posted 07/17/2007 - 01:31:04 PM by pindar:
  This is really great rock writing.
Posted 07/17/2007 - 01:31:28 PM by pindar:
 I mean "pop."
Posted 07/18/2007 - 02:28:04 PM by AKMoose:
 I agree, I enjoyed this piece a lot. It's amazing how many critics forget the best way to sell an album is to describe the way it sounds, then talk about how it moved them and might move the listener. You definitely make me want to hear this one.
Posted 07/18/2007 - 10:50:47 PM by bassmanO8:
 I first this album when I was 19. I had just split up with my dog. I wasn`t gay like GM but then genetically modified food is not only eaten by gay people either so that wasn`t the reason. It was the Father song on here. I thought George was speaking to me directly. It was purely confessional, like the broken-voiced American poet. I spent a year in hell with Faith using George`s candy-rich voice like it was toilet paper. I used to sing `Faith` as though the word was `fuck` because I thought that was funny. Then I grew up and everyone else started doing it. I grew up and facial hair and the two combined to get me a recording contract of my own. George was my inspiration in the same way that `infamous` still means `famous` but in a bad way. One of these days you`ll all be hearing ME on the radio.
Posted 07/19/2007 - 03:11:24 AM by brookbowers:
 Faith is an awesome album. Too bad Michael spent the rest of his career making boring "serious" albums. The Faith album, along with Freedom 90, is really all that matters.
Posted 07/21/2007 - 08:04:21 AM by nixonian:
 i now i'm a bit late too comment and the article is a few days old, but Faith is one of the earliest albums i remember hearing (my parents had a tape they used to play non-stop in the car), thus it's funny to compare how i view it now and how i viewed it then (as a 7/8 year old). like i remember being astounded that "i want your sex" had the word 'sex' in the title. i'm not sure i knew exactly what 'sex' was, but i vaguely remember purposefully reading the lyrics in the booklet to pick up tidbits, so i must have had some idea! and 'monkey' was about someone having a monkey on their back as far as i was concerned. i do remember being puzzled as to why Mr Michael was so serious about it though. anyway, i'm getting too nostalgic. and Older isn't that bad in a smooth, older-guy-gets-stoned-and-sad way. i read somewhere (ok, in 'Q') that George Michael was packing the weed in around that time, and you can actually hear something being 'lit up' at the end of one of the tracks. lost stoner classic where you would least have expected it maybe? anyway, great article.