Movie Review

By: David Holmes

Posted 07/13/2007 - 07:31:02 PM by scooper:
 'once' is hardly a musical, despite its billing, and i say that with a little bit of disappointment. there are a couple of moments where it almost commits, and they are glorious moments that suggest that if the director had been willing, his movie could have been all the more distinctive and memorable for it, our experience of it all the more intense and lasting. as it stands, it's merely a wonderful film in which music plays a slightly more prominent, and at times nearly dramatic, role than in most other films. and that's just fine. but that also needn't put anyone off of seeing it.
Posted 07/14/2007 - 04:14:40 PM by Simon_H:
 I seem to be in the minority in thinking that the plodding sadrock that made up 35% of the movie was awful and crippled the film. I can think of about a million other songwriters who would have been more interesting to follow around than Glen Hansard singer one of the world's most boring bands. And surely a few of those songwriters would have had Hansard's (admitted) bugeyed charm.