Animal House v. Revenge of the Nerds

By: Jeff Weiss

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Posted 02/01/2007 - 09:53:08 AM by mpatton:
 Ah, I like this column, if only for the line: "it seems fitting to examine the merits of two of the finest pure comedies made in the last 30 years." Both of these movies are excellent films; it's a shame that so-called dumb comedies are never viewed as such. I do, wish, though Nerds had a little more of a budget, as a lot of the sets look cheap. The ending sequence of Animal House may have invented non-sequitur comedy.
Posted 02/01/2007 - 10:37:56 AM by jhitting:
 Rarely does Nerds get the respect it deserves. I read a nasty rumor online that it was going to be remade, but then the plug was pulled. Probably the producers watched the original, realized how it was still just as funny, and pledged never to do such a thing to a film institution such as Nerds. Either way, having been in a fraternity and lived in the house for 2 years, I can tell you that, no matter what, both films nail it. I'd have a tough time picking one over the other.
Posted 02/01/2007 - 03:41:16 PM by grandbanks:
 jhitting, which archetype are you? (this explains so much) Uh, A. House by a longshot (topical in a way).
Posted 02/27/2007 - 02:51:52 PM by jhitting:
 I'm nobody's archetype. Frat guys don't post on stylus, and the ones that do don't fit the frat archetype, although I was in the house that closely resembled the Alpha Beta's.