Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Seasons

By: Brad Shoup

Posted 01/17/2007 - 12:25:27 PM by grandbanks:
 Really like this piece. There have been a rash of these on Stylus, of course, and it is what makes this site special. For those that were part of the rise and fall of the comments section, it was always interesting to see the snarkiest and most antagonistic of the posters break form and connect with these personalized and often quite depressing "music as life" moments. There is no right or wrong here, which is what the whole point of the comments section is. This is what hooked me to this site and why I felt compelled to comment in the first place. And if you, reader, find these pieces annoying or overly diaristic, remember, you don't have to read them (nor comment on them). So, point 2: the reason I find some jazz/a lot of noise/improv/guitar solos (just my favorite instrument) completely essential is because of the eternal struggle to put a voice to the inexpressible weirdness of self-contextualization. Most of the people I know are in constant flux concerning their life choices (i.e. what the fuck am I doing). Whole books are written on this, so I ain't gonna delve too deeply into this now, but it is exciting to me to see musicians deal with this in a visceral, non-verbal way. I love a great song and certainly to hear somebody lay it out for me with some powerful words, but often I need more. D. Fernow, of Prurient noise-dude notoriety, put it quite simply (not actual quote, just para-phrasing): what people see him doing onstage might just seem like unmitigated, harsh and macho posturing, but really it is Fernow confronting the ugliest aspects of life and himself and attempting to force himself to deal with it. Might just seem like lame art-speak to some, but fuck, art needs to be championed more than ever. Supremely and nakedly human, as an act, though often not translated very well to record, which is a whole separate conversation. Roland Kirk bleeds this type of self-confrontation as well. I can't find this in much indie type music these days, but this value exists in all music to some degree. Gotta end this, as certainly the length of this post is pushing it, but like it or not I guess I am using this forum as my own confrontation against the increasingly faceless act of music-trolling and endless opinions: a vibrant dialogue that provides more than just trite asides and me too/fuck that sentiments. A willingness to believe.