On Second Thought
Stereolab: Dots and Loops

By: John M. Cunningham

Posted 07/25/2006 - 07:47:58 AM by mrameche:
 I bought Dots and Loops when I was 19 on the day it came out, and it still holds a place as my favorite Stereolab record, regardless of the negative criticism it's received over the years. As much as I adore Transient (it was my first), Dots is just the perfect encapsulation of what makes the Groop so wonderful. Nice work.
Posted 07/25/2006 - 07:00:26 PM by idunnowhy:
 yes, this was the album that hooked me on stereolab too. And still easily my favorite of theirs.
Posted 07/25/2006 - 08:17:00 PM by Zarklephaser:
 Good article. I think this album is great, too. It's not my favorite - that would be Mars Audiac Quintet, which is also excellent - but it would make my top three for sure.
Posted 08/01/2006 - 04:10:32 PM by madchester5:
 FYI... Andi Toma also worked on a few "Margerine Eclipse" tracks. And, coincidentally enough, happens to be my favorite Sterelab album along with "Dots and Loops."