Stylus Magazine’s Top 100 Music Videos of All Time

By: Stylus Staff

Posted 07/21/2006 - 02:15:34 AM by shayel:
 I have to disagree about calling "Hurt" a novelty cover. Maybe Rick Rubin suggested it as a novelty; but Cash took that song and made it his own. "Hurt" suits the old Cash perfectly: religious overtones, end of life messages... In fact, his rendition is so "correct", it makes the the Nine Inch Nails version the cover. The best word to describe the video, is probably `unique', as it wouldn't work for anybody else. No other artist has such a place and span place in popular culture to have the same source material (and references it creates) for another video like that.
Posted 07/21/2006 - 04:44:32 AM by d75cub:
 Unhappy that The Birthday Party's Nick the Stripper, Metallica's One and Tom Waits' Goin out West didn't make the list. All are very, very good and deserve to be here.
Posted 07/21/2006 - 07:26:49 AM by hendrik:
 Oh well, I really had my hopes high for "Just" not to appear on this list....
Posted 07/21/2006 - 10:03:21 AM by kineticandroid:
 I'm sorry for bringing up Pitchfork again, but their hypothesis for what the guy is saying at the end of the "Just" video... "If you lay right here, you can see Radiohead playing in that apartment up there." Huh. All this time. Also, your #1 is my #1 too!
Posted 07/21/2006 - 11:22:28 AM by jlynch:
 yay for Around the World!
Posted 07/21/2006 - 12:39:27 PM by bassman08:
 Was there an unedited version of "99 Problems" or was that all you could find? Good video though, I hadn't seen the whole thing before.
Posted 07/21/2006 - 12:51:42 PM by moobear:
 "JC'" - that's great.
Posted 07/21/2006 - 01:19:23 PM by dioxido:
 Great list, I only miss Everybody Hurts on this list.
Posted 07/21/2006 - 02:16:21 PM by acd562:
 The director of The Replacements "Bastards of Young" video from 1985 (number 006 on your list) was Warner Bros. Music Video VP, Randy Skinner. She told me they shot six takes and ended up using take number one. Brilliant concept; wish I'd thought of it first.
Posted 07/21/2006 - 08:03:38 PM by sekaer:
 A job very poorly done--don't even know where to start, but Once in a Lifetime at #20 and NO Bowie (or maybe one in the 100-81 section) who virtually invented the form, are good places...
Posted 07/22/2006 - 10:13:41 PM by gloden:
 Man, way too much Romanek
Posted 07/23/2006 - 08:21:10 AM by TheRookie:
 Am I the only person who think Bad Cover Version is a terribly overrated video? It's borderline Weird Al novelty.
Posted 07/23/2006 - 08:30:51 AM by TheRookie:
 Also where the hell is the roots "what they do?"
Posted 07/30/2006 - 04:52:19 PM by MarlaSinger:
  Re: #24 Madonna - Like a Prayer Joe Morton was in "Brother From Another Planet" and Leon Robinson was in the Madonna video. They are not the same person.
Posted 08/12/2006 - 10:19:06 PM by ProceedPlease:
 I am completely in awe over the fact that the staff at Stylus forgot to include Madonna's legendary, breathtaking video for "Ray of Light", when they can include many, many mediocre, and some overtly bad videos.
Posted 09/19/2006 - 02:50:34 PM by keakamano:
 First of all, Radiohead blows and Thom Yorke is a dildo. Holy shit there was way too much Radiohead on there. Secondly, whats the deal with choosing all of these off-beat abstract videos for the top 100? Rabbit in your headlights has got to be, undoubtedly, one of the worst, most pretentious video's i have ever seen. I can't believe the lengths that these pseudo-intellectual dorks will go to attempt to be "original" or "profound". What kind of statement are these silly brits trying to make? Also, not one Manson video has been cited on this list. This, my friends, is bullshit.
Posted 09/29/2006 - 06:20:12 AM by terriblelist:
 Judging by this list, your "magazine" appears to have employed all of its contributors based on who has been schooled the most in how to write as pretentiously as possible.
Posted 10/01/2006 - 01:52:23 PM by edwardcullen:
 So, the list is great and all. But I mean, come on! HOW could you not add The Dresden Dolls. Girl Anachronism and Coin-Operated Boy are by far qualified for your little list.
Posted 07/02/2007 - 08:11:10 PM by brookbowers:
 No David Fincher? wtf?