Movie Review
Who Killed the Electric Car?

By: Nancy Keefe Rhodes

Posted 06/30/2006 - 01:10:44 PM by SiempreHasta:
 Finally, the media is shedding some light onto the death of the electric car. What many consumers fail to see is that electric cars with the combination of massive amount of solar energy is a totally viable renewable car system but car and oil companies continue to push hydrogen fuel cell technology in order to maitain to fuel fill up economy. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is atleast 15 years out. And this claim that it is 15 years away is something that has been said since the early 80's, making the claim even more dubious. Its ridiculous that we have a technology thats totally viable and an actuality in front of us, yet we listen to our government and our ceo's and hold out for fuel cells. there are so many major problems that need to be solved in hydrogen fuel cells before it becomes an actuality.
Posted 07/05/2006 - 07:03:13 PM by cleric:
 Electric cars are good as long as you don't charge them via the electricity network. And this is a common practice of many european electric cars afaik. Maybe because they don't know where to install the solar cells, maybe because the sun don't shine enough. Btw the recent trend here seems to be natural gas as it's cheaper than gasoline and you can keep your car.
Posted 07/06/2006 - 04:28:53 AM by PCabrelli:
 I liked this movie. Nice review. I read that Electric Cars have trouble in certain landscapes. Perhaps this was negative spin. I've always wondered where they've been. Living in London, i've actually seen a few here and there. Canary Wharf has a few (free) charging stations, too.