Staff Top 10
Top Ten Texas Recordings

By: Brad Shoup

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Posted 07/01/2006 - 05:43:37 AM by spackledbat:
 I know there is always something missing on a list like this but I would have liked to see some Butthole Surfers or Scratch Acid. Ya know.
Posted 07/04/2006 - 05:25:10 PM by TheBrad:
 Yeah. I know.
Posted 10/29/2007 - 11:53:41 AM by The_Big_Crunch:
 Interesting list. First thing I thought of was Robert Johnson. However, somewhere in that list, I'd have made room for Townes Van Zandt's seminal live album "Live At The Old Quarter". A sparse double disc of his best stuff, the album features Townes, his acoustic guitar, and an adoring crowd recorded over a three-night stand at a beloved dive in Houston. This is the single best album out there from the man Bob Dylan once called, "the greatest songwriter on the planet".